Enslaved to Drugs

…“though he came to scoff, he may remain to pray.” –Big book, pg. xxxii Recently, the Austin Stone Community Church Story Team published an article written about one of BRC Recovery’s alumnus, Alex. His story, “Enslaved to Drugs”, is one which is  heard too often. Alex’s drug addiction began in high school after a string of injuries ended his possibilities for a college football career. He attempted sobriety many times, but each attempt was quickly met by relapse and mounting disappointment until eventually he checked into BRC Recovery in January 2013. While he was a resident at BRC, Alex started […]

The Language of BRC

I was recently given for my birthday the book “CEO School- Collective Wisdom of Top CEOs” by Can Akdeniz.  On a flight back to Austin, I pulled it out and began to skim through the chapters. One of the CEOs featured in the book is Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks. One of his tips states “culture is everything.” When I read this, I immediately thought of BRC and the culture of recovery that was established so long ago and remains through to this day. Not only in the daily programming, residents, alumni, and families of alumni but in […]

Long-term Sobriety: Extended Care After Alcohol Treatment In Austin

Programs and Theories to help people stop drinking There are many programs and theories out there designed to help people stop drinking. The 12 Step programs and treatment centers all have the goal of helping people with a drinking problem to achieve long-term sobriety. While their intentions are honorable, the reality is that many of these programs don’t come anywhere close. Research by the National Institutes of Health The U.S. National Institutes of Health focuses on all elements of drug and alcohol abuse. They frequently release information, advice and guidance on the effectiveness of drug and alcohol treatment. They have […]

BRC Recovery Showcases New Video at Austin Symposium

Hi, my name is Marsha Stone, and I’m the CEO of BRC Recovery located just outside of Austin, Texas. BRC Recovery was founded in 2006 by a man named Mark Houston, who after working in treatment for 20 plus years, had a vision for a Recovery Center, who had a vision for an extended-care program. Mark was known worldwide as a 12 Step speaker, as a spiritual leader, as a visionary. And he started this miraculous place and developed this culture of recovery that maintains today. BRC Recovery is a 90-day residential program designed for men and women who are […]

Drug Relapse Help Texas Facilities in Demand

Drug Relapse Help in Austin,Texas Drug abuse is a problem that affects all levels of our society. It destroys lives (both of the user and of their loved ones), leads to criminality and leaves entire communities classed as “undesirable”. However, many believe that we need to treat drug abuse and addiction for what it is: a disease, not a crime. Fortunately a wide variety of  recovery resources are now available and it is clear there is an incredible demand for effective residential rehab programs, particularly in growing cities like Austin, Texas. If you suffer a relapse then it is paramount […]

Celebrity Overdose Opens Door for Education on Addiction

Philip Seymour Hoffman It is not uncommon for a celebrity death from a drug overdose to quickly thrust the dangers of drugs back into the news. With the recent death of actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman, of a reported heroin overdose, we wanted to address the dangers of this drug and the importance for remembering that addiction does not discriminate. Heroin, a highly addictive “downer” drug, is derived from morphine and affects the brain’s pleasure systems and interferes with the brain’s ability to perceive pain. Several effects of the drug can be: Clouded mental functions due to depression Slurred speech, pulmonary […]

Drinking to Get High: The Latest Party Drug Among Teens

Are you aware of the dangers your medicine cabinet holds for your children and teens? Between prescription medicine and over the counter drugs, there can be a deadly combination of drugs easily within their reach. The newest trend among young people is a drink that gets them high called ‘sizzurp.’ ‘Sizzurp’ is a combination of soda, candy and prescription cough syrup that contains codeine. Doctors are warning parents that this new drug cocktail can be deadly. Not only can these items be easily accessible to young people, celebrities are glorifying the concoction in the entertainment world. The drug is extremely […]

The Folly of Taking Molly: What You Need To Know

Meet Molly. Ecstasy has a new name for the 21stcentury, and it isn’t as friendly as it sounds. The newest go-to party drug is a pure crystalline powder form of 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-mthylamphtemine or MDMA. Young people are flocking to the newest reincarnation of Ecstasy that has been packaged and rebranded for a new generation. MDMA produces a combination of energy and sociability making it popular at events, like large music festivals. What You Need to Know – the Dangers of Molly: Raised heart rate, blood pressure and interference with the body’s ability to regulate temperature MDMA metabolites interfere with the body’s ability […]