The Language of BRC

BRC Recovery - Leadership and Drug RehabI was recently given for my birthday the book “CEO School- Collective Wisdom of Top CEOs” by Can Akdeniz.  On a flight back to Austin, I pulled it out and began to skim through the chapters. One of the CEOs featured in the book is Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks. One of his tips states “culture is everything.”

When I read this, I immediately thought of BRC and the culture of recovery that was established so long ago and remains through to this day. Not only in the daily programming, residents, alumni, and families of alumni but in the employees and even in their extended families.

The phrase from the Big Book- “the spiritual life is not a theory, you have to live it”– comes to mind. A large part of the peer recovery support model is based on modeling recovery at the highest level. One of the responsibilities taken very seriously by staff, alumni and residents is to do just that. In essence, to show others how we have recovered, through our actions as well as our words. Certainly, this is not done perfectly, not even close. But without a doubt it is done, and it is done with love and service at its genesis.

I realize Mr. Cuban was using the word “culture” in a somewhat different connotation- but I would submit that the message is the same. To create something you believe in, and want to participate in, and integrate it into your daily work life and beyond. In other words, live what you believe. I’d say that sounds a lot like recovery, and a lot like the amazing group of men and women with whom I have the privilege of calling my co-workers, residents, families and friends.

Culture is everything? I think so.

Marsha-Stone-BRC Recovery-CEOMarsha Stone, CEO
BRC Recovery