Mark’s Story


Mark Houston 1946-2010

BRC Recovery was originally named Mark Houston Recovery.

A true visionary and a pioneer in the recovery field, Mark Houston worked in the treatment field for more than 20 years at two of the finest treatment centers in the country. He was also an internationally known speaker and workshop facilitator within the 12-Step community. Through personal and professional experience, Mark believed that the conventional wisdom about treating chronic alcoholics and addicts was inaccurate and ineffective.

He dared to proclaim that, first and foremost, the 12 Steps should be worked and worked thoroughly with a qualified mentor. Following the spiritual awakening that results from working all 12 Steps, the newly sober person should then be connected with various outside professionals and community services as their particular needs required.

From this idea came the dream for a recovery center, and in 2006, Mark Houston Recovery opened its doors. BRC Recovery Center continues to support Mark’s vision and will always respectfully acknowledge him as the founder of their program.


A Message From Mark

The purpose of the Mark Houston Recovery Center is to provide a safe, secure environment free of alcohol and drugs for the adult alcoholic/addict who wishes to recover and experience permanent sobriety. Our belief is that alcoholism and drug addiction are lifelong, chronic, progressive diseases which demand a lifelong set of practices as a way of living if we are to experience permanent recovery. Our commitment to our residents is this: we will provide a set of life skills and spiritual practices which will be incorporated and assimilated into their minds and hearts and allow them to recreate and reclaim their lives.

I have worked in the field of chemical dependency since 1991 for two of the finest treatment centers in the country. During this time period I continually asked myself what it is that I wanted to offer to adults in their lifelong recovery process.

Once I fully realized what I wanted to offer, the Mark Houston Recovery Center moved from being a vision to a reality—a beautiful sober-living environment near Austin, Texas where men and women can come, to rebuild and reclaim their lives.

We have chosen to utilize two completely different and stand-alone facilities since gender-specific sober living environments provide quicker assimilation of the tools necessary for permanent recovery. We believe our residents can accomplish many things during their stay with us essential for constructing a productive life. All our staff are in recovery, giving residents a wide range of experience and workable life skill applications.

Our objective is to model the realization that we are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual beings. We demonstrate how to integrate all four of these elements to experience the sense of inner peace necessary to achieve permanent recovery, happiness, and joy in daily living.

Thank you for visiting the Mark Houston Recovery Center online. We are here to answer your questions and spend time with you in person when you are ready.

–Mark Houston

The Mark D. Houston Memorial Scholarship Fund

Austin recovery

Mark Houston Hall

In October 2011, BRC Recovery established The Mark D. Houston Memorial Scholarship Fund in honor of Mark Houston’s mission and legacy. Since the scholarship fund’s inception, BRC Recovery has been able to provide recovery services and hope for individuals and families who otherwise would not have been able to afford it.

Please partner with BRC Recovery today and help change someone’s life by making your tax-deductible donation.

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