…“though he came to scoff, he may remain to pray.” –Big book, pg. xxxii

Recently, the Austin Stone Community Church Story Team published an article written about one of BRC Recovery’s alumnus, Alex. His story, “Enslaved to Drugs”, is one which is  BRC - Alex X and Marsha Stone heard too often. Alex’s drug addiction began in high school after a string of injuries ended his possibilities for a college football career. He attempted sobriety many times, but each attempt was quickly met by relapse and mounting disappointment until eventually he checked into BRC Recovery in January 2013.

While he was a resident at BRC, Alex started to form a relationship with his Creator. He began participating in a daily devotional group reading of the book Jesus Calling. Through this simple action, his relationship with his Creator began to take shape and became the necessary foundation for Alex’s recovery.

Alex discharged successfully from the BRC Men’s program, and transitioned into the BRC Men’s Recovery Apartments. Even then he had fear in his heart about what the future held for him. He thought that using drugs again was inevitable. However, something happened during his residency at BRC Recovery that changed the course of his life.

ThAlex S at BRCe Big Book says, “On one proposition, however, these men and women are strikingly agreed. Every one of them has gained access to, and believes in, a Power greater than himself. This Power has in each case accomplished the miraculous, the humanly impossible.” When I think about the hundreds of once-broken lives that completed the BRC program successfully over the years, I am grateful that I get to witness God accomplish the impossible, and the same is true in Alex’s life.




Enslaved-to-Drugs_Marsha_SignatureKeep up the good work Alex!

Marsha Stone, CEO
BRC Recovery