Life Skills

Life Skills Program

When people start using and abusing drugs or alcohol, especially at a young age, they often miss out on reaching certain milestones and learning some of life’s most important lessons. In the treatment community, it is widely believed that early substance abuse stunts emotional maturity. When addiction is in control, parents, educators and other role models lose their authority and ability to influence in positive, nurturing ways.

People struggling with addiction and alcoholism may get older, but they don’t “grow up.” Our Life Skills Program is designed to equip clients with the skills necessary to navigate through life successfully. We provide training in:

Goal Setting and Accountability

BLife-skills-goal-setting-and-accountability-BRC Recovery eing accountable for our actions is a critical component of maturity. Setting and achieving attainable goals requires discipline. The Life Skills Program helps clients understand the importance of these concepts not just in therapy, but during the day-to-day. Clients adhere to a daily schedule, participate in household chores, help prepare meals and hold one another accountable. Our goal is to help clients adopt healthy habits through hard work so they will be ready to progress into the next phase of recovery.

Clients learn about:

 Financial Responsibility

financial-responsibilityRecovering addicts and alcoholics frequently struggle with their finances, and by the time they come into recovery, may have acquired sizable debt, bad credit and legal problems. It is possible to repair the financial damage that happened as a result of bad choices, immaturity and a lack of financial responsibility.

We help our clients learn new concepts and skills about managing money, covering areas such as:

Physical Health and Wellness

Health and wellness refer to a wide spectrum that encompasses our mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Because long-term recovery requires healthy habits, our Life Skills Program helps clients understand the importance of self-care and the daily practices necessary to maintain health and wellness.

We equip our clients with the skills they may have no knowledge of or have forgotten, such as:

Communication and Healthy Relationships

couple arguing

Many of our clients have severely damaged their personal relationships as a result of their substance use. They may ignore those who are trying to help them or blame others as the reason they drink or use drugs. That mentality–that other people are to blame–is a form of denial that prevents us from assessing our own behavior.

We work with clients, their families and their partners to:

Clients will learn that their anger and resentment are products of their own fear. Once they realize that their troubles are the result of their own doing, they will begin to emancipate themselves from the repetitive practices that harmed themselves and others in their lives.

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