Women’s Program

Women-Only Addiction Treatment in Austin, TX

womens-rehab-facilityFinding an addiction treatment program that addresses your unique needs is vital for lasting recovery. When treatment is specialized based on your physical, mental and spiritual needs, positive results follow. Gender-specific treatment that takes the female experience into consideration has proven especially useful in helping women achieve lasting sobriety.

Women are less likely than men to drink alcohol and use illicit drugs and develop substance abuse problems, but when they do develop substance abuse problems, they report greater severity and more health-related consequences than men. Additionally, substance abuse problems interfere with more areas of a woman’s life than a man’s.

At BRC Recovery, our gender-specific treatment programs occur in two different facilities on two different properties. Here, men support men and women support women.

How Women Experience Addiction

Although women and men may start to drink alcohol or use drugs for similar reasons, they are dealing with starkly different circumstances and experience addiction and recovery in different ways. Women are motivated to use substances for a number of reasons, such as:

Women are more likely to:

The BRC Recovery Continuum of Care

BRC Recovery’s Primary Treatment Women’s program can accommodate up to 20 women ages 18 and older. When a woman participates in an extended care treatment program, and that treatment caters to the unique needs of a woman, she has a much stronger chance of achieving and maintaining permanent sobriety. The BRC Recovery continuum of care is spread across 15 months:

Benefits of Women-Only Addiction Treatment

It’s difficult for any person struggling with substance use disorder to quit, but for women, it can be particularly challenging. Women may be afraid to seek treatment due to potential legal or social fears or a lack of child care while in treatment. Additionally, they often require support in handling responsibilities related to work, the home and child care. 

Women-only addiction treatment offers several benefits, including:

         Additionally, gender-specific addiction treatment as a whole has a few advantages, such as:

Achieve Lasting Sobriety Once and for All

Our women-only addiction recovery program can help you or someone you love recover from addiction and experience permanent sobriety. With treatment that specializes in helping chronic relapsers and the treatment-resistant recover, we’re confident we can help you heal. Contact a BRC Recovery Specialist at 1-866-905-4550 for more information about our women-only program.

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