BRC Life Skills with Marsha Stone

After the 90-day residential program, residents who successfully complete the first phase of the BRC Recovery program are offered the opportunity to continue with extended levels of care. Most of the residents who come through this Austin rehabilitation center move into their sober living residences and participate in Segue, a 12-month aftercare monitoring program. This is the continuum of care so essential to long-term sobriety. Through guidance, accountability, and the learning of new skills, BRC residents prepare to re-enter society. Life skills is a critical part of learning to live sober. Many men and women struggling with alcohol and drug addiction lack adequate role […]

The Language of BRC

I was recently given for my birthday the book “CEO School- Collective Wisdom of Top CEOs” by Can Akdeniz.  On a flight back to Austin, I pulled it out and began to skim through the chapters. One of the CEOs featured in the book is Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks. One of his tips states “culture is everything.” When I read this, I immediately thought of BRC and the culture of recovery that was established so long ago and remains through to this day. Not only in the daily programming, residents, alumni, and families of alumni but in […]

The BRC Recovery Culture

Marsha Stone, CEO, loves to talk about BRC Recovery. Through blogs, social media, presentations, press, radio, film, and video, she passionately shares about the unique culture of the organization, the dedicated staff and the hundreds of people who are blessed with a new life as a result of their comprehensive healing process. This brief video is merely a vision statement of the legendary extended-care program started by Mark Houston in 2006. Marsha Stone, CEO Benchmark Recovery Center   At Benchmark Recovery Center, a culture of recovery has been established. Every person that works here is in recovery and has had a […]

Birthdays and Big Deals

Well it’s right around the corner… 45. The middle of the forties, the middle of life, the end of something, just not sure what. For whatever reason, 45 has always been the jumping off point in my mind, where it was really time to begin looking at things through the lens of maturity. Is it really all downhill from here? The older I get the more birthdays bring about thoughts of mortality. If I were to pinpoint it, I believe this began to happen when my mom passed away. In May 2010, I was two years sober, still rebuilding my […]

BRC Recovery Showcases New Video at Austin Symposium

Hi, my name is Marsha Stone, and I’m the CEO of BRC Recovery located just outside of Austin, Texas. BRC Recovery was founded in 2006 by a man named Mark Houston, who after working in treatment for 20 plus years, had a vision for a Recovery Center, who had a vision for an extended-care program. Mark was known worldwide as a 12 Step speaker, as a spiritual leader, as a visionary. And he started this miraculous place and developed this culture of recovery that maintains today. BRC Recovery is a 90-day residential program designed for men and women who are […]

BRC Recovery and the Big Texas Rally for Recovery

BRC Recovery a drug rehab facility in Manor Texas are pleased to participate in the 2014 Recovery Rally in Austin, TX. BRC Recovery provide alcohol and drug rehabilitation for addicts who are looking to combat the addiction. On the steps of the Texas State Capitol, several hundred recovery community supporters and advocates, including BRC Recovery staff members, showed up in the rain for the  on  Saturday, September 13. In support of National Recovery Month, the annual event advocates treatment and recovery for people suffering from addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. In addition to showing support and enjoying the fellowship, […]

Sustainable Gardens, Sustainable Growth

“ The nature of rain is the same, but it produces flowers in the garden and thorns in the marsh.” -Anthony de Mello Our staff constructed the BRC vegetable gardens 3 years ago, and it’s becoming increasingly more bountiful every year! We are 100% organic, operate year around, and harvest a variety of herbs and vegetables. Our Men and Women’s alcohol and drug rehab program at BRC Recovery, both have sustainable gardens that our residents have the opportunity of being a part of and improving daily. Gardening for Spiritual Growth Our residents learn life skills and become unified through working […]

Addiction: A Family Illness

It is so difficult to correctly assess and deeply understand the concept of addictive illness being a family disease. Much like the addict’s ability to truly assess the amount of “trouble” the addiction is causing in their lives, the same holds true for the co-dependent family member. Addiction is sometimes referred to as a disease of minimization. Alcoholics/addicts and their families often find a false comfort in minimizing the depth to which the entire family is suffering. The illness seems to have a myriad of tricks it plays on our egos, and thought processes that convince us the negative behaviors […]