Alcohol Treatment Centers In Texas: Is 30 Days Enough?

Many alcohol treatment centers in Texas only provide treatment for 30 days. However, is this really enough? Experts agree that this is insufficient. When we understand the facts that studies have consistently found, that it takes four years of sobriety before someone is likely to achieve long-term recovery, 30 days seems like a drop in the ocean. Let’s take a look at why 30 days of treatment is not sufficient for treating the disease of addiction. Short Term Rehab and Relapse During short term rehab, patients are often rushed through the system. Treatment facilities, for all their best intentions, are […]

Mangoes and God

It’s that time again. The family vacay! Suitcases, sunscreen, backpacks, iPads, chargers, boarding passes, passports, etc., all combined with the minor irritations, sibling rivalry, and squabbles that come with the territory. Ohhhh the joys of travel with children… By the time we arrived in Nosara, Costa Rica, I felt pretty exhausted. The two hour ride from Liberia to Playa Guiones ends with a bumpy dirt road and a landscape dotted with native people, livestock, bicycles and ATVs. The contrast from where I was going and where I landed is extreme. Basically, the hustle and bustle of life comes to a […]

Barton Springs Clean Up Service Work

On June 4th, the residents of the Women’s Program joined other volunteers to clean the Barton Springs Pool. Since recent flooding caused the pool to be closed, the women helped with weeding flowerbeds, aerating around trees, replacing washed away mulch, and relocating flood debris. From experience, I knew that the women would start the day unsure about what to expect, but by the end of the day would feel grateful to have been of service in such a tangible way. At BRC Recovery, being of service to others is a large part of our culture as well as the culmination […]

BRC Men Give Back

Men’s program at BRC Recovery On April 30th I had the pleasure of watching the residents of the Men’s program at BRC Recovery participate in a community service project. We spent all day at a Habitat for Humanity build-site in Manor, TX.  The men tackled all types of job, from picking up trash and painting cabinets to putting up fences and framing windows. Before arriving at the build-site, I knew there would be varying degrees of confidence and different skill sets among the residents. However, I was not prepared to witness the evidence of transformation in each of these men’s lives […]

BRC Recovery – Jesse McCraw Participates in the Shatterproof Challenge

Jesse McCraw Participates in the Shatterproof Challenge[MUSIC PLAYING] [WIND RUSHING BY] [MUSIC PLAYING] Shatterproof to me is an opportunity to bring awareness to addiction, and it has given me an opportunity to proclaim my recovery. Just standing on top of the building and looking around at the city that I grew up in, in a different aspect and a different angle just proves that today, my life is more than I could have ever imagined, the opportunities that I’ve been given through the work that I’ve done in recovery. “Shatterproof to me is an opportunity to bring awareness to addiction, […]

Step 2 – Michael Kerr

Mike Kerr, Recovery Coach Segue Program Benchmark Recovery Center   Hello, everyone, my name is Mike Kerr. I’m a recovery coach at the Segue program at Benchmark Recovery Center. A little over three years ago, I walked into the doors of Benchmark, and I was in a place where I was willing to hear an answer. I didn’t know what that answer was. I didn’t know what the answer looked like, but I needed an answer. What happened while I was there was incredible, considering that I walked in very humbled, humiliated and willing to hear something different, do something different, wanted to think […]

Sometimes I Have to Pinch Myself

How did I get here? A man like me is not supposed to get the redemption I have been granted. I rolled into BRC Recovery in July of 2012 a broken man. I had crashed three cars that year and overdosed twice. I lived in San Antonio within a 10-mile radius of my mom, my sister, my niece and nephew, but none of them wanted anything to do with me. I was surprised I had made it to the age of 45. I thought I had nothing left to offer anyone. How wrong I was! I learned how to be […]

Comfort Food

What does that even mean??? Two week checkup day… Time for the doctor to take off the bandages and make sure I was healing ok. Thumbs up, looking good! As I was shedding the lovely hospital gown for my own comfy Lululemon getup, the duty nurse came in to give me my take home orders. “Plenty of rest, no heavy lifting, blah blah, and remember,” she says, “comfort food has a lot of sodium.” What? Huh? What does that even mean???  My mind began to wrestle around with her statement, and I haven’t been able to shake her voice, and […]