Unity and Community: Vital Components of the Recovery Process

Community – a unified body of individuals; an interacting population of various individuals with a common characteristic or interest.

At BRC Recovery, a culture of therapeutic community was established in 2006 and thrives to this day. During their stay as residents, each individual has an opportunity to help one another, and also opportunities to serve the greater Austin community at larger. During the summer months, our gender-specific men’s and women’s programs provide cleaning and maintenance services for the Barton Springs Pool.

A staple of summer recreation, Barton Springs Pool has a rich history and is filled by the fourth largest natural spring in Texas. Deeded to the city in 1918 by Andrew Jackson Zilker, Austin enlarged the swimming area by damming the springs and adding sidewalks. A popular year-round swimming venue and loved by thousands of Austinites, the pool maintains an average temperature of 70 degrees. Grassy slopes on either side provide the perfect setting for sunbathing and picnicking.

The city of Austin goes to great lengths to maintain this environmental gem, allocating admission funds for the research and protection of the endangered lungless salamander, exclusive to the habitat of Barton Springs.

Alternating monthly, our men and women residents till their sleeves up, and quite literally “jump in” to get the job done. Ending their day with pizza and a nice cool swim, a good time is had by all.

BMark Houston was once quoted to say, “A small band of fit individuals can accomplish most anything.” At BRC Recovery, we foster the belief system based on our own experience that unity and community are vital components of the recovery process. We have been resuscitated from the inside out, and are intent on leading lives filled with purpose and service.

Besides, it isn’t safe to swim alone.


drug center rehab AustinMarsha Stone, CEO
BRC Recovery