Your loved one’s struggle with substances or mental illness may be glaringly apparent to you and your family, but your loved one may be in denial, refusing to accept their circumstances. Perhaps you’ve tried to intervene in the past, only to have the conversation become emotional and unorganized, with your loved one sinking even deeper into addiction and despair, and you feeling even more concerned.

If you’re worried about your loved one’s addiction, and your efforts to get them into treatment have been unsuccessful, a professional intervention that utilizes evidence-based practices offers the most substantial chance of getting your loved one the help they deserve.

Comprehensive Intervention Planning in Austin, TX

In many cases, the most effective way to get someone into treatment is through a professional intervention. BRC Recovery works with dozens of professional interventionists in Austin, TX, and throughout the country who have successfully guided hundreds of people into treatment.

The inability to see the reality of the problem, despite the obvious consequences, is all too common among those struggling with substance use disorder or mental illness. Interventionists work directly with families to understand their circumstances and their goals so they can break through their loved one’s denial of addiction and help them enter a treatment program that leads to long-term recovery.

Features of our Intervention Program include:

  • Facilitation. We assign families a thoroughly trained and licensed professional interventionist who develops a comprehensive intervention plan that accounts for participants, setting and the approach tactics most likely to guide a person into accepting treatment.
  • Planning. Because treatment is the goal, we plan for immediate admission into detox and/or treatment.
  • Education. Families learn about the disease of addiction, the crucial role family dynamics play, and the roles family members will need to play moving forward.
  • Guidance. It’s important for everyone to get a chance to speak, but such difficult conversations can quickly turn emotional. A professional interventionist can keep the conversation on track and mediate any conflict that arises.
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Take the First Step

Healing for you and your loved one is possible. Let BRC Recovery serve as an advocate for your family throughout our entire continuum of care as we help your loved one recover from addiction. If you have questions about our intervention services, we encourage you to get in touch with us by calling 1-866-905-4550.