Family Program

Addiction doesn’t just affect the addict. It affects the entire family. BRC’s fully integrated Family Program helps families understand the science of addiction, the challenges their loved one faces on a daily basis and the effects addiction has had on family dynamics. We offer a safe, comfortable setting where families can speak openly and honestly about their experience without having to feel ashamed, guilty or resentful.

Our Family Program includes:

  • Weekly phone updates for family members
  • Multi-family support group
  • Monthly family educational meeting

How Family Treatment Works

When one family member is struggling with addiction, the entire family is struggling. Our Director of Alumni and Family Services works with the family to:

  • Improve communication skills
  • Discuss difficult topics
  • Work through family dysfunction
  • Resolve conflict
  • Identify and avoid enabling behaviors
  • Establish healthy boundaries
  • Rebuild trust
  • Learn about family dynamics and the roles family members play

Families also learn about the risks of enabling and codependent behaviors. For many people struggling with addiction, enabling and codependency are what drove them to use substances in the first place. If these issues go unaddressed, it increases the risk of relapse.

Call us today to learn more about our Family Program and how our recovery services can help everyone in your family - not just your loved one - heal.

We Help Families Heal

It’s critical for families to be involved in their loved one’s treatment not just to improve their understanding of addiction and undo the damages it causes, but because family serves as a built-in support system. When a client has a strong foundation of family support, it dramatically improves their chances of lasting sobriety.

At BRC Recovery, we encourage families to be involved with their loved one’s treatment because it’s often the difference between a lifetime embattled in addiction and one in recovery.

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