Our Family of Programs

BRC Recovery

At BRC Recovery, we make it possible for all our clients to rediscover a healthy, happy and meaningful life that is free of the burdens of drug and alcohol abuse. Our evidence-based programming provides a full continuum of care that is ideal for chronic relapsers or those whose addictive behaviors are treatment-resistant.

Makana Path

One of BRC’s newest program offerings, Makana Path, is designed to provide a unique, 21-day intensive healing experience. Makana means “gift” in Hawaiian, and we believe life and all its rich experiences are a gift to cherish.

During a short and very focused period, clients who enroll in Makana Path will work on addressing the underlying issues that continue to present barriers to their recovery and prevent them from living the happy, peaceful and abundant life they deserve.

Makana Path combines sophisticated clinical offerings and 12-step mentoring with organic food, daily yoga and meditation to provide our clients with the holistic guidance and direction they need to quickly interrupt their addiction cycle, expand their awareness and place them firmly on a path to recovery.

Spearhead Lodge

BRC Recovery created Spearhead Lodge for young adults who want to achieve meaningful and lasting recovery. At Spearhead Lodge, we offer the same culture, quality and integrity our clients at BRC experience in a modified milieu design specifically for the young adult population.

Clients who enroll at Spearhead Lodge will benefit from an extremely structured program where they will learn spiritual practices and valuable life skills that traditional treatment settings often do not offer. Our clients will also work on their mental health with licensed counselors daily, participate in exercise and yoga, learn healthy eating habits and experience motivational talks and proactive dialogue, as opposed to lectures.

Spearhead Lodge is also unique in that all members of our staff are in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction, and have adopted the Spearhead Lodge way of life.

Segue Recovery

Transitioning from inpatient rehab to sober living can be a challenging time for many people. BRC’s Segue Aftercare Monitoring Program prepares people for long-lasting sobriety by providing an evidence-based curriculum of foundational life skills – such as budgeting and finding employment – and helping clients acclimate to life without drugs or alcohol.

The Segue aftercare program is open to anyone in the early stages of recovery, even if they completed their rehab at a facility other than BRC. Segue clients benefit from peer recovery support (PRS) specialists who administer regular drug and alcohol screening, acclimate clients to sober living and help them develop a short-term life plan. PRS specialists also provide clients’ loved ones with regular reports and support as they rebuild relationships and set new boundaries and expectations.