Fitness & Yoga

Physical Fitness: A Critical Aspect of Holistic Rehab

At BRC Recovery, our definition of physical fitness is the body’s ability to function with sufficient energy to engage in everyday activities; handle physical, mental and emotional stressors; and participate in your activity of choice. Our Fitness & Yoga Program focuses on building cardiorespiratory health, strength, endurance and mindfulness.

Clients can either begin their journey to fitness or pick up where they left off in our state-of-the-art fitness centers. Our on-staff, personal trainers help residents understand physical anatomy, as well as how to achieve and maintain strength and resiliency through a combination of exercise, proper nutrition and rest.

Personal Fitness

All workouts are supervised by Personal Trainers. Our trainers work with each of our clients to set individual goals for their workouts and physical lifestyle. For some of our clients, moderate activity will be adequate to alleviate stress and improve overall health, but for those who are serious about improving their physical abilities, a more intensive exercise program can be developed.

Yoga for Body, Mind and Spirit

Yoga has been practiced for centuries, and its numerous health and wellness benefits are useful in recovery. Not only does yoga build physical strength and stabilize the body, but it also promotes mental clarity and focus. Practicing yoga reveals the spiritual connection between body and mind.

BRC Recovery offers clients yoga classes led by Registered Yoga Teachers. Our Yoga Instructors understand and honor the recovery process and how yoga helps to restore health and create balance. Through gentle instruction, clients are inspired to find joy, fulfillment and wisdom in their yoga practice.

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Heal Your Whole Self

BRC Recovery combines holistic practices with traditional, evidenced-based therapies that help our clients, many of whom have relapsed or experienced unsuccessful treatment, recover from addiction. For more information about our commitment to fitness and our other services, contact us at 1-866-461-1759.