Medically-Supervised Drug & Alcohol Detox in Austin, TX

Our medically-supervised detox program is ideal for people who have relapsed or have been unsuccessful in treatment. For many who are struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, detoxification is the first step in the recovery process. The medically-supervised detox process is designed to cleanse the body of addictive substances while monitoring for any withdrawal symptoms or potential medical complications.

BRC has a 20-bed medically-supervised facility located east of Austin, TX. This is a residential detox program and clients who detox have the opportunity to transition into any of BRC’s Family of Programs upon completion.

What to Expect During Detox

Our curriculum incorporates the 12-step program, as well as clinical programming, to help clients heal their minds and bodies while addressing the underlying issues that lead to substance use, such as trauma, family dynamics, and self-defeating behavior patterns. These subjects are addressed in individual and group therapy sessions.

BRC Recovery’s Medical Detox Program is individually tailored to meet the medical needs of each client. While we cannot predict precisely how long a client will be in this phase of treatment, the average length of detox is 3-5 days.

Each client in the detox program meets every day with a member of our medical team to discuss medical and therapeutic issues. These daily individual sessions focus on fortifying motivation for treatment, identifying next steps once detox is complete, and empowering the client to achieve total health and wellness. Clients are also welcome to participate in group sessions throughout the day as long as they feel comfortable doing so.

Nutrition is an integral part of the recovery process. At BRC Recovery, clients are provided health-conscious meals that are prepared daily by our own in-house chef. Each client’s dietary needs are assessed upon admission and these needs are taken into consideration during meal planning. We always seek to provide the most conscientious and optimal nutrition to our clients as this is vital to the healing process.

Our medically-supervised detox program is designed to cleanse the body of addictive substances while monitoring for any withdrawal symptoms or potential medical complications since detox can be very difficult both physically and emotionally. Detox at BRC Recovery is designed to be as safe, comfortable, and healing as possible.

Detox Services

Detox is often a very physical and emotional process. It’s impossible to predict which withdrawal symptoms an individual will experience, which is why at-home detox should never be attempted. The safest way to detox from addictive substances is in a medically-supervised setting. Our detox services include:

  • Clinical and medical evaluation. We perform a thorough assessment of each client before detox begins. A comprehensive understanding of a client’s history and length of substance use, physical and mental health, family of origin, and spiritual needs allows us to design the most individualized detox plan possible.
  • Individualized Detox Treatment Planning.The more specialized the treatment, the more positive the outcome. Detox is different for everyone, which is why we take the time to develop individualized plans that address each client’s unique needs and concerns.
  • 24/7 clinical and medical care.Clients are monitored 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by BRC Recovery clinical and medical staff. Members of our team are also trained to administer medication to alleviate physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms as appropriate. A team of Medical Assistants supervised by our Director of Nursing work to manage all medication and medical needs of all of our clients.
  • Case management. Detox can be an emotional, uncertain time for clients and their families. With permanent recovery as the goal, we provide continuous support throughout the entire treatment process. Each client works with a dedicated case manager who serves as a recovery advocate and point of contact, and helps the client transition into the next phase of treatment.
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Get the Gift of Healing

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