The BRC Recovery Culture: Focus on the Family


An interventionist friend of mine said to me some time ago that when he described the BRC Recovery approach to interacting with loved ones of residents he described it as a “fully integrated family program.” Although I had never thought of it in those exact terms, it accurately describes our very unique approach.

Mark Houston, our founder, refused to incorporate a confrontational style, highly-emotional “family week” into the recovery program that is now BRC. Since many of our residents are chronic relapsers and have been to clinical treatment on one or more occasion, most of them and their families have participated in treatment-sponsored family programs. A good number have also been involved in family interventions.

Rather than wait for a designated family week, BRC Recovery begins to involve the family from the moment the resident steps on property until the day they graduate from the Segue monitoring program. The families receive an initial phone call from their loved one’s Recovery Manager within 24 hours of admission, followed by regularly scheduled calls and written development notes at a minimum weekly during their extended stay. Families have the cell phone of the Recovery Manager, Executive Director, and are encouraged to contact us if they have any questions or concerns, whatsoever.

Our staff works one on one with every family, discussing the nature of alcoholism and addiction, as well as the accompanying behaviors, attitudes and feelings. We show the families real time, utilizing examples from their own experience of exactly how addictive behaviors surface and manifest. Through an integrative process and a partnership based on honest communication and cooperation, we are able to ensure that behaviors
such as dishonesty and manipulation are not allowed to thrive. We show the family all along the way how to support healthy steps toward recovery and cease enabling forever. Without enabling, addiction cannot survive.

Recovery is a journey, and a long, sometimes tough one. The Big Book provides a predictive warning that there is a long period of reconstruction ahead. Having a staff in recovery who have traversed the journey on their own behalf, and on behalf of thousands of residents and families, uniquely qualifies BRC Recovery to guide not only our residents, but their families as well toward healing, happiness and a life of peaceful abundance.

Fully integrated? Absolutely.


BRC Recovery Culture: Focus on FamilyMarsha Stone, CEO
BRC Recovery