interventionGetting your loved one the help they need can be difficult. After all, addiction can destroy lives – not just for the person using drugs and alcohol, but also for any family members and friends with close relationships to the addict. Understanding that addiction is a complex disease, and that seeking help can be emotionally and physically draining, Segue offers evidence-based intervention, treatment placement and detox coordination services.

What Is Intervention?

Intervention is a professionally directed educational process resulting in a face-to-face meeting between the person who is misusing alcohol and drugs and their family members, friends and/or co-workers. It is a coordinated effort to challenge the person with addiction to understand the realities of their disease and get them the help they need immediately.


Understanding the Importance of Intervention

Addicts are often in deep, long-term denial about the extent of their illness. Lacking treatment, many addicts and alcoholics will continue misusing their drug of choice, despite severe and even life-threatening consequences. For these individuals, an intervention is often essential to help them confront the truth of their illness and how deeply it has affected their life.


Achieve Lasting Freedom From Addiction

At Segue, our experienced team knows there are often many underlying issues that lead to a person developing a drug or alcohol dependency. We can work with an addict’s support system to effect positive long-term change. Call our admissions team today at 1-833-485-0789 for a confidential consultation. The sooner you seek help, the better chance your loved one will have of making a full recovery and realizing the benefits of living a full and healthy life without the dangers of substance abuse.