About Us

Segue believes that addiction is a chronic illness, requiring a long-term and comprehensive continuum of care. Most recovery programs, including long-term programs, lack the post-discharge support that is vital to individuals in early recovery. Segue was founded on the idea that people in recovery and their families need support throughout the first year of recovery and beyond.

History of Segue Recovery

Segue is part of the BRC family of programs, founded in 2006 in Manor, Texas. Our founder, Mark Houston, spent decades in the treatment industry, working at various recovery programs. One of the most influential voices in the 12-Step community, Mark saw first-hand the shortcomings of treatment programs, specifically the lack of support throughout the first year of recovery. With his experience and a unique vision, Mark set out to open a program that would provide residents with everything that they need in their first year of recovery. He opened Mark Houston Recovery Center in 2006 as a gender-specific recovery center for men, Focusing on the chronically relapsing population, Mark set up MHR with high levels of structure and discipline, and a heavy focus on working and completing all twelve steps in residence.

The unique culture found at Mark Houston Recovery was different than other treatment programs, and quickly Mark realized that the culture was lost when residents would complete the program and enter sober living programs. With the vision of providing a long-term continuum of care, MHR began to open sober living homes. With a desire to provide ongoing support and monitoring to residents in sober living, a formal monitoring and accountability program began organically. The Addiction Directions Accountability Program (ADAP) was formed to provide ongoing recovery support.

After Mark’s untimely passing in 2010, new ownership was dedicated to preserving Mark’s vision and the unique culture of MHR. Under the leadership of CEO Marsha Stone, MHR re-branded to BRC Recovery. By this time, BRC had been providing recovery residences and monitoring services for years. The Segue Program™ was formally launched to continue the 12-month monitoring program that had been so successful at improving outcomes post-discharge. BRC owned and operated sober living homes were a vital part of the Segue continuum of care. In 2011, BRC launched two gender-specific apartment communities to provide independent, graduate-style sober living. This apartment-style sober living was the first in the region and proved to be very successful in supporting residents in early recovery. When the Department of State Health Services first launched the Peer Recovery Support Specialist (PRSS) certification, Segue was one of the first organizations to certify all of their recovery coaches.

Initially open only to graduates of BRC Recovery, Segue decided to open its services to all populations seeking recovery from addiction and alcoholism. We realized that many graduates from other programs desire the comprehensive level of care offered by Segue.

Today, Segue provides comprehensive aftercare services. One of the only sober living and monitoring providers to be accredited by the Joint Commission, Segue continues to be on the cutting edge of recovery support services and housing. Segue has mentored over 1000 clients since 2011. Segue currently operates five sober living homes and two apartment complexes for a total of 100 beds, spanning all levels of care from High Accountability Sober Living to Graduate Style Apartments.