Operations Supervisor Shane Renshaw

Supervisor Of BRC Recovery

I’m Shane Renshaw. I’m the Operations Supervisor here at BRC Recovery. Basically my job is to take care of everything around here. This is all the property, all the buildings, all the cars, all the grounds. I coordinate the work ethic with the guys and the girls and just kind of lead by example. A lot of guys in here have never done any kind of work before and it’s pretty rewarding just to watch them come in not knowing what they’re doing to when the leave they’re wanting to come out here and work you know and be a part of this thing. It’s just amazing. And I see these guys come in and out of the corner of my eye I watch transformations take place. I see them heal. I watch them heal, guys and girls both.

I struggled with addiction for over 25 years you know since I was a young guy. I find it pretty rewarding to be able to you know live a responsible life you know and live by spiritual principles – something I never dreamed possible you know. It was really challenging at first you know, just a lot of fear. But after stepping through that fear and actually doing the right thing, it allowed me to have an experience with God. It went from having a belief in God to having an experience with God. You know I’ve seen where all things are possible with Him. You know I never was a responsible guy and today I take care of business. It’s really a cool thing. I finally feel a part of something. I never felt that way before. I never was a part of anything. I was always apart from and it’s really a blessing to be a part of something like this.

This is the best job I’ve ever had you know. I’ve never had a job to where every single employee here, actually a close personal friend of mine, you know what I mean? This place here, BRC Recovery saved my life. It actually gave me a life that I never knew I could have. You know BRC Recovery is a beautiful place. I found God out here. I believe this is sacred ground and I’m here for the long haul.

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