Intervention and Detox


Convincing a loved one to consider an addiction recovery program or addiction treatment can be a challenging process and may require a formal intervention. When people are addicted to alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, or all three, a primary characteristic of their disease is denial.  The inability to see the reality of the problem, despite the obvious and sometimes fatal consequences, is common to suffering alcoholics and addicts.

BRC Recovery works with Austin interventionists and professional alcohol and drug interventionists all over the Country to help concerned family members who have a loved one abusing or chemically dependent on alcohol and/or drugs.

BRC Recovery-intervention-coordinationInterventionists work independently and contract with families for their services. Depending on the circumstances and severity of the situation, their goal, with the help of family and friends, is to break through the denial of the alcoholic/addict and convince them to enter a recovery program or treatment center. Interventions can be highly successful but require full cooperation of everyone involved.

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Chemical dependency to alcohol and/or drugs may require medical detoxification. It can be dangerous, sometimes fatal, to stop taking some substances suddenly without medical intervention. It is always advisable to consult with professionals before stopping.

BRC Recovery-detox-coordinationMany residents who enter the BRC Recovery program require Austin alcohol and/or drug detox before they can enter the residential program. We work with and refer to medical professionals and facilities in the Austin and Central Texas area that provide detox services. They are able to make a professional assessment and if needed, take the necessary action.

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