Sober Living: BRC Recovery Residences

After BRC Recovery residents complete the residential phase of the alcohol and drug rehab program, they have the opportunity to move into BRC Recovery-owned sober living. There are two gender-specific BRC Recovery Residences located in Central Austin, each with their own on-site manager. Residents have a supportive living environment providing them with supervision, structure and guidance as they transition into the next phase of the continuum of care.

Many local alcohol rehabilitation and drug addiction treatment center programs recommend and refer their clients to Austin sober homes, but few have company-owned properties and programs under their management.

BRC Recovery Austin men’s sober living and BRC Recovery Austin women’s sober living bridges the critical gap from a structured residential recovery program to the “real world”.

Many people do not understand the differences between sober living homes, transitional living, and half-way houses. They are not synonymous and vary from state to state in theory, practice and regulation.

womens-sober-living-Austin-Texas BRC Recovery Residences are certified as Level IV recovery residences by the Austin chapter of Texas Recovery Oriented Housing Network (TROHN), which is part of the National Alliance of Recovery Residences.  NARR’s mission is to “support persons in recovery from addiction by improving their access to quality recovery residences through standards, support services, placement, education, research and advocacy”. The certification process is based on successful adherence to a set of standards as set forth by NARR and an annual renewal process conducted by the local chapter.

The National Institutes of Health has conducted multiple studies on the effectiveness and outcomes of recovering addicts and alcoholics who cycle directly out of inpatient and residential programs into sober living. Their conclusions highly support the value of structured sober living and the impact it has on relapse.

To find out more information about sober living and the BRC Recovery program, contact our admissions department at or call (866) 905-4550.




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