Tears into Determination



Throughout the course of my journey in recovery there have been ups and downs, times of joy, and times of tribulation. One of the greatest joys of my recovery is the fact that my two oldest sons have joined me on this journey. I believe that because of their bearing witness to my own struggles and ultimate triumph they were able to raise their hands for help decades in their lifespan, before I had the voice to do so in my own.

As I watched them struggle, surrender and rise again, the mom in me, and the treatment professional in me began to converge. Some of their needs were met, and some were not. I began to ponder, and, unconsciously at first, dream and then map the type of program that I felt would have been ideal for a young man of their age and life station to find recovery, hope and freedom.

From this powerful experience, Spearhead Lodge was conceived and born. My tears turned into determination. On September 22, 2016, I was so honored when industry professionals from all over the country accepted our invitation, and gathered to join me and the Spearhead Lodge team as we cut the ribbon! We had lunch together and participated in an intimate conversation about young adult addiction and recovery. We shared with one another our opinions, experiences, hopes and dreams! Please enjoy the short PSA that was created from this momentous occasion. And join us as we embark to heal this generation of young adults. They are so worth it! #hookEMwithAVision – Marsha Stone, CEO BRC Recovery