Operation Warm: Being of Service During the Holidays

The holidays are a time to celebrate with loved ones and reflect on our countless blessings, and Operation Warm is an annual opportunity for us to serve those in need.

This season, we collected warm clothing, such as coats, scarves and blankets to donate to the less fortunate. On Christmas Day, BRC Recovery staff and alumni gathered to distribute the donations to the homeless community throughout Austin, where the temperatures can change quickly from warm, sunny days to blistering cold nights.

Operation Warm

Several of our alumni shared what it meant for them to serve the community on Christmas Day by participating in Operation Warm:

  • It was an awesome experience.  Giving back on Christmas and hopefully making some one else’s life a little easier is so rewarding. Plus doing it with friends I love just makes it that much sweeter. -Bob C.
  • Solid way to start off my Christmas. -Cole P.
  • I had a great experience with Operation Warm! It was wonderful to be able to give back. Being far away from my family wasn’t fun but being able to get outta myself by giving back made it a great Christmas! -Alex S.
  • Typically when I celebrate Christmas, my focus is on what I will GET. This Christmas was special to me because I got the opportunity to give back. It was great being able to help those in need, and knowing we made a difference. -Ryan R.

We had an amazing time during Operation Warm celebrating life and giving to back to the local community. Thank you to everyone who donated their time and clothing to help protect the less fortunate against the winter elements.