How the Family System Informs Individualized Treatment

family systemAddiction is a family disease, and in fact, research shows that long-term recovery success rates increase when the entire family is involved in the addiction recovery process.

Addiction places family members under a great deal of stress and, as a result, the family system becomes fragile and dysfunctional. By addressing the family system while exploring your own journey, you can heal the family dynamics and work on issues like codependency and enabling, which often drive individuals to substance abuse in the first place.

Here’s a look at a few ways dealing with family issues will help your recovery:

  • You’ll learn how to identify and avoid enabling behaviors.
  • You’ll learn why codependent relationships are dangerous to your sobriety – and how to avoid these and other destructive relationship patterns.
  • You’ll learn how to communicate in a positive and empathetic way and develop strategies for reduced conflict and better problem solving.
  • You’ll learn to address any hostility and negativity within the family system and develop skills for communicating with family members who may feel hurt, resentful or angry.
  • You’ll learn how to recover from any emotional trauma brought on before or as a result of your active addiction.
  • You’ll learn to build back the trust of your loved ones and bring honesty back into your relationship. This will help you be able to share your hopes and fears and get much-needed support from your family.

Helping Families Heal at BRC
BRC’s fully integrated Family Program helps our clients understand how addiction impacts the dynamic of your family. We offer a safe, comfortable setting where families can speak openly and honestly about their experience without having to feel ashamed, guilty or resentful. To learn more how we can help everyone in your family heal, call today: 866-905-4550.