Announcement: Mark Houston Recovery & BRC Recovery

We are excited to announce beginning July 2011, the Mark Houston Recovery Center will continue to carry on Mark’s vision under a new name – BRC Recovery. We will provide the same very high levels of care, compassion and knowledge to our future residents, and are looking forward to adding and expanding on our already proven program of recovery.

  • Separate Facilities for Men & Women
  • Permanent Sobriety for Chronic Relapsers
  • Staff in Recovery – Staff Behind Vision
  • Personal Trainers & Yoga Instructors
  • 90 Day Programs
  • 12 Steps – Spiritual Experience
  • Dynamic Alumni Services
  • Goal Setting, Vision and Intent

Our belief is that alcoholism and drug addiction are life long, chronic, progressive diseases which demand a life long set of practices as a way of living if we are to experience permanent recovery. Our commitment to our residents is that we will provide a set of life skills and spiritual practices which will be incorporated and assimilated into their minds and hearts and allow them to recreate and reclaim their lives.