Ethics and Mama Birds


Mama Bird, With Two Babies

For the last few weeks my husband and I have been watching a potential tragedy unfold. A mama bird decided to make a nest for her babies. She has been working very diligently on a daily basis to build the best and safest nest for her offspring. Unfortunately, she placed the nest in the corner of our garage, in the midst of a mix of brooms, mops, shovels, and other miscellaneous tools. The placement is precarious at best; a strong wind could bring the whole operation toppling down. In addition, she is unable to sit on her eggs during the night when the garage is closed. I fear this won’t end well.

A long time ago, I was a 22 year old mama bird, with two babies of my own, 11 months apart. From the moment I saw them, I loved those babies with a love I had never known. I did my very best to be the best mom I could be. In hindsight, I was often afraid, overwhelmed, and quite selfish. In sum, pretty unprepared and ill equipped for the monumental task at hand.

Likewise, I became CEO of BRC Recovery in summer 2011, right about this time of the year. In the past 5 years I have made a lot of decisions. Some of them good, some of them not so good. What they all had in common, however, was that they were all made after thought and deliberation, and, at the time, they seemed like the next “right” thing to do.

I have learned in recovery that most people do the very best they can, with the knowledge, information and experience they bring to the task or decision at hand. I have also learned that judgment and resentment separate me from my fellows, and from God. Further, my resentments and judgments are 100% self-centered and filtered through my own lens of knowledge, information and experience.

These days, the addiction treatment field finds itself in trying times. Big business has come calling, and people are afraid. Words like fraudulent and unethical are being thrown around a lot these days. Social media has added gasoline to the fire. Statistics alone would suggest there are some bad actors, but I personally know a LOT of good, hard working people fulfilling their life’s mission in this work.

To be sure, we are in a time of examination, and I do believe this is necessary. Oversight and correction are good and necessary in any field. My prayer is that during this time we talk with one another, and share our knowledge, information and experience. What seems obvious for someone who has “been around awhile” may seem confusing for a newbie, and that newbie may have been swayed into wrong action, by bad information, in spite of good intentions.

Let’s be gentle with one another, shall we? After all, we all have to hatch our first litter at some time or another. I am so grateful Facebook wasn’t around when I was 22. I don’t think I would have gotten many “likes” despite my best intentions.

I’ll keep y’all posted about Mama bird. I did convince my husband to keep the garage door open while the whole thing unfolds. For now, I will pray and trust the process, in all things…. Peace and Love 🙏

Ethics and Mama Birds_Marsha StoneMarsha Stone, CEO
BRC Recovery