BRC Alumni Coordinator Invited to Attend TPAS Retreat

Treatment and recovery centers offer not only a life-changing opportunity to experience the power of sobriety, but also a profound network of support in the alumni that walked before them.

This weekend at the Treatment Professionals in Alumni Services (TPAS) weekend retreat (held from October 25- October 28), BRC Recovery Alumni Coordinator, Vickie Bing, set out to leverage the message that BRC Recovery alumni know well:

Recovery lasts a lifetime, and staying connected is how we stay sober.

Participants were able to network in a collaborative learning setting to share ideas about engaging recent alumni and keeping the network vital and engaged. In the stunning setting of Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado, participants were able to network, exchange program ideas and come away with an energized sense of purpose.  When asked about the opportunities available to BRC residents and alumni, Bing stated:

Many BRC Recovery alumni have no idea of the power of the network available to them. Our goal is to strengthen these ties and make them more visible and accessible to each and every alumni.

For more information about drug and alcohol recovery, please contact BRC Recovery today at 1.866.905.4550.