BRC Recovery Residents Use ROPES to Take a Leap of Faith

By all accounts, overcoming the mental, physical and spiritual turmoil of addiction is a daunting task, which is precisely why BRC Recovery asks its residents to stretch themselves in almost every conceivable way. One of these approaches is the bi-monthly ROPES course brought to the BRC Recovery campus.

Growth and Recovery After Drug and Alcohol Addiction

On a simple level, we know that to move a muscle, changes a thought, but the principles of a ROPES course are specifically designed to reveal the personality traits obstructing growth and recovery.

Even skeptic residents find themselves fully engaged in the team-building process and coming away with a new appreciation for their own powers of communication. The defenses we honed during addiction: isolation, anger and fear, are exposed and replaced by open-mindedness, respect and participation.

Taking a Leap of Faith in Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Above all, a ROPES course is about functioning as a group, losing the protective shell of self-interest and taking that courageous leap of faith. The proof is of course, watching the sense of triumph the residents feel when coming to other side of a physically challenging course; symbolic in every way.

About the Author:

Nina James is a writer and web content editor based in Bel Air, Maryland. She is also a grateful, former resident of BRC Recovery.

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