Guest Post: Assessment in Addiction Recovery

For an individual who is looking for help for themselves or loved ones, the understanding of the differences between Recovery Centers and Treatment Centers is vital. Ethics come in to play when a center leads one to believe it can offer the paying customer something it’s not set up to deliver. There are basically two types of people who suffer from addictive illness: One– Someone who is not convinced that lifetime abstinence is something they need to achieve. Two– Someone who has become convinced that lifetime abstinence is something needed for them to survive. The 12 step program is for number […]

Guest Post: Surviving holiday anxiety in early recovery

Holidays can be difficult times for those in early recovery. The influx of family, the feelings of regret, and the emotions that can surface, can at times, be overwhelming. Unresolved conflicts can come to a head. Guilt, remorse, resentment, and anger have a tendency to come alive during these times. It’s important to understand that any lack of diligence toward the required actions in the 12-step recovery program will most often be the cause of the resultant turbulence. The Twelve and Twelve states that you will want to and should begin making amends very quickly where the family is concerned. […]

Guest Post: Your Doctor and Your Drug Addiction

Chris Schroeder is the Director of Media for C4 Recovery Solutions. In his role with C4, he has been tasked with hosting and developing the webcast show, The Afflicted and Affected, interviewing leaders in the addictive illness field and other interesting personalities revolving around the recovery world. Chris comes into contact with those who research and apply the latest methods of treatment and those who are a force in positive change in outcomes and funding both politically and in the media.   I have heard it said many times, “we are not doctors; we should have no opinion on what […]