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BRC Recovery – Alcohol Treatment and Drug Rehab near Houston

BRC Recovery Alcohol Treatment and Drug Rehab Houston offers an extended-care recovery program for adult men and women struggling with addiction and substance abuse.

A Premier Addiction Treatment Facility in Central Texas

BRC Recovery offers hope to addicts and the people in their lives who care about them. Hope that they can live a life without addiction. Our unique alcohol treatment and drug rehab center is conveniently located in Central Texas. The 70-acre gated, rural property is only 150 miles from Houston. Approximately a two and a half hour drive on US 290. If you live in or around Houston and your aim is to live a sober, responsible, committed life full of promise, we at BRC are here to help you.

Residential Alcohol Treatment and Drug Rehab

Our 90-day residential program is gender specific and focuses on the 12 Steps, life skills, spirituality and fitness. After completing the residential phase, residents then transition into a BRC-operated sober living residence and 12 months of aftercare monitoring.  

What sets us apart from other rehabilitation facilities near Houston?

Chemical dependency abstinence alone is not enough to obtain permanent sobriety. It is, unfortunately, a recurring theme that residents leave a residential alcohol treatment or drug rehab center and return to the same environments that were a part of their previous substance use and abuse history without having developed the self-reliant resources and necessary life skills to maintain their sobriety. We prepare all of our residents to maintain the success they achieve during our program.
In addition to the 12 Steps, there are many aspects of our program that are of a spiritual nature. Yoga and meditation are frequently considered spiritual activities that promote a sense of well-being and peace of mind. Experiencing a beautiful sunset or sunrise on our 70-acre property can evoke a sense of spiritual awe and gratitude. Witnessing the miracle of sobriety, after all hope has been lost, affirms the presence of something much greater than ourselves.

BRC Equips you for Success

Our substance abuse and drug rehab program near Houston addresses all areas of your life including the physical, mental and spiritual. You will learn new life skills. Acquire tools to regain or acquire financial sanity. Practice methods to improve your physical strength through fitness and nutrition. Establish new attitudes that will help contribute to a more healthy lifestyle and peace of mind. Feel supported through your journey, and gain skills, techniques and experiences that will stay with you for life. Being accountable for our actions is a critical part of maturity and navigating life. Setting and reaching attainable goals requires discipline. The BRC Recovery Program helps residents to understand the importance of these concepts throughout their extended program.

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Our Unique and Effective Methodology

Here are a few components that make the BRC Recovery drug rehab near Houston a highly effective treatment choice for those who are getting sober for the first time as well as those who have chronically relapsed:


A Culture of Warmth and Support

The culture at BRC Recovery is one not often found at alcohol and drug rehab center facilities in the Houston area. We endeavor to foster a warm, supportive environment that will not only help you get sober, but will show you how to build the life you always wanted. We are committed to your discovery and success in achieving the lifestyle you dream of, and are always there to help you hit your goals and grow in the way that you want to.
The recovery program at BRC Recovery is a wise choice for any addict or alcoholic, regardless of your drug of choice. Even if you or your loved one have previously attended alcohol addiction treatment or other drug rehabilitation programs, coming to BRC Recovery is a powerful, life-changing experience. Our proof is hundreds of alumni who are leading happy healthy sober lives today as a result of our program.

We are Invested in your Continued Recovery

BRC understands that a structured alcohol and drug rehab center, coupled with excellent support and guidance, is imperative to recovery. Our alumni and their families continue to stay involved with BRC Recovery long after the program has ended. Staying sober and referring others in need of guidance is truly the best measure of success we could ever ask for.

With the knowledge of having worked in addiction treatment centers and other drug rehab facilities, we know that it is a rare event if a client actually works through all of the 12 Steps during their addiction or other 12 Step treatment stay. If you are simply given a Big Book and told about addiction rehab then the chances are you will not follow through on your own.

This is where a three month extended-care residential program can be most beneficial. Having the opportunity to work through all the Steps in a structured supportive environment lays the fundamental foundation for long term recovery.
At BRC Recovery residents will experience a completely different and effective addiction recovery process.

If you are currently in rehab, recently relapsed, or considering alcohol and/or drug rehab near Houston for the first time, we encourage you to contact us for a confidential consultation.


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