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Tips for Treating Yourself on Valentine’s Day (Without Drinking)

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you have Feb. 14 circled on your calendar, you might be wondering what you can do to celebrate the holiday without drinking. Here are some of our favorite tips for treating yourself, even if you don’t have a date.

1. Step up Your Self-Care Game

If you struggle with your confidence, your self-care strategies may suffer as a result. Take Valentine’s Day off for a day of indulgence. Enjoy a nap, watch your favorite romantic comedy or treat yourself to a long, relaxing bubble bath. Order delivery or takeout from a nearby restaurant, and don’t forget the dessert.

2. Buy Yourself a Gift

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be the same without gifting. If you’ve had your eye on a new outfit, book, video game or piece of jewelry, now’s the time to buy it for yourself. Send yourself a flower arrangement or a new plant – green is a soothing color, and many houseplants naturally help contribute to cleaner indoor air quality.

3. Write Yourself a Love Note

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, write out a list of all your positive qualities. Are you always there to lift up friends in need? Do you give it your all at work? Have you recently overcome a challenging obstacle or come up with a solution for a complex problem? Have you made great strides in your recovery goals? Pat yourself on the back for these accomplishments. You might create one list, or cut up strips of paper and write separate affirmations on each. Then, add the completed strips to a Mason jar, so you can take them out and read them one at a time.

4. Have an At-Home Dance Party

You don’t need a partner to have a dance party. Sometimes, dancing is more fun and liberating when nobody else is around. Make a playlist of your favorite upbeat songs and cut a rug. Dancing can get your heart rate up and leave you feeling relaxed, happy and positive about your body.

5. Do a Virtual Yoga Retreat

Have you always wanted to get away for a yoga retreat, but couldn’t find the time? One silver lining of COVID-19 social distancing is having more time at home to expand your horizons beyond your four walls. If you’re looking for ways to take your yoga knowledge to the next level and become more aware of your body-mind connection, having a yoga retreat at home allows you to achieve these goals while you avoid distractions and focus on self-improvement.

Be There for Yourself on Valentine’s Day (and Every Day)

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