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Sober Living in Austin, Texas | Making the Most of Your Experience

Austin has earned a reputation as a cosmopolitan city with no shortage of entertainment options for residents and visitors alike. However, some amenities, such as the capital city’s thriving live music scene, may be best for you to steer clear of if you are in early recovery. The trigger of being in a live music venue where alcohol is liberally flowing could be overwhelming for you, even if you have a robust commitment to sustaining your sobriety. Luckily, Austin has an active recovery community with plenty of alternative sober activities to keep you occupied. Here are some ideas to maximize your sober living in Austin, Texas.

1. Make New Friends

Substance abuse changes your relationships. You might have reached a point when your social network consisted solely of people you could get high or drunk with night after night. Now that you’re working on your recovery, you will need to find a new group of people who share the same goals and who understand your commitment to your healthy lifestyle. Once you dig in, you’ll find many meetups of people dedicating themselves to sober living in Austin, Texas.

2. Soak up the Culture

Austin has a ton of fascinating museums to keep you busy weekend after weekend. If you want to learn more about the lore of live music in the city through a collection of eclectic memorabilia, check out the Austin Museum of Popular Culture. If your tastes lean more toward finding out more about the ancient history of the area, don’t miss the Texas Memorial Museum, where you can marvel at the size of a complete mosasaur skeleton. There’s always something new to inspire art lovers at The Contemporary Austin, or you can shake things up with a trip through the Austin Museum of the Weird.

3. Break out – Literally

Who said sober living in Austin, Texas, had to be boring? Escape rooms have taken over the world as an in-demand entertainment option. Luckily, there are plenty of highly rated ones to choose from here in ATX. If you’ve never done one of these, here’s what to expect: You and a group of your cleverest friends will be locked in a room, with an hour to get out. Escaping will test your mental agility as you solve a series of puzzles and riddles as quickly as you can. Get ready for a challenge!

4. Go Record Shopping

When a large population of hipsters ends up in a city known for its love of music, the result is an explosion of record stores. If you’re a fan of the motto “Vinyl is final” and looking to add to your collection, treat yourself to a day of record shopping. After all, you can never have too much music.

Segue Recovery Support Provides Sober Living in Austin, Texas

If you’ve completed a drug and alcohol treatment program and still find yourself needing additional structure in your life, we offer an environment of high-accountability sober living. Here, we understand that you might need to surround yourself with people who respect your newfound freedom from addiction and can help you avoid a relapse. Contact us today to learn more about sober living in Austin, Texas.