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Smart Steps for Setting Personal Goals

Setting goals is an important part of recovery. This is because goal-setting helps provide direction, motivation and hope for your new sober life. But how do you start? A recent article in Psychology Today suggested beginning by defining your overall personal goals for recovery and then making them more focused by asking yourself a few key questions. Give it a try and tweak this approach to make it work for you or someone you love:

What specific areas do you want to improve?

This question helps to generate small, attainable goals for recovery. Take some time to think about and list a few areas for improvement, including:

  • Spirituality
  • Sleep
  • Self-care
  • Self-confidence
  • Relationships
  • Diet and exercise
  • Stress management
  • Financial health
  • Personal growth
  • Education
  • Community services

Which goals are most vital for my recovery?

This answer will likely differ depending on your stage of recovery. Take a look at your list and pick three goals that are key to sustaining sobriety and/or improving your physical and mental health. For example, you might begin by focusing on sleep, stress management and diet and exercise. Next, prioritize the other goals on your list that deserve attention after your primary goals have been met.

Why are these goals meaningful for me?

Now that you’ve prioritized your goals, you can focus on why it’s important to achieve these goals. Will they help your recovery? Will they bring you better health or more happiness? Will they make you feel better about yourself or improve your relationships with friends and family? Answering this question will help provide extra motivation for sticking with these important personal recovery goals.

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