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Writing Exercises to Develop a Positive Mindset 

writing exercisesA positive mindset is so important during recovery. It may sound simple, but if you learn to perceive yourself and your new sober life in a positive light, you’ll be that much more motivated to stay the sober course. Writing is a great exercise to reinforce the good in your life and to let go of any negative emotions that are standing in your way. A simple journal – filled with whatever helps you sort through your emotions – can do the trick. But you can also try one of these specific writing exercises, which can help you streamline your thoughts and focus on areas in your life worth writing about.

  • Learning a lesson: As you grow in your recovery, you’ll learn that beating yourself up over any past mistakes you made in active addiction is just not worth your time and energy. Instead, take time to write about what you gained from these mistakes. What did you learn? How has it helped make you a better you? By viewing hard lessons in a more positive light, you can help minimize those self-hating tendencies that many of us struggle with during recovery.
  • Something you’re proud of: What is one trait or skill or situation that makes you proud? Focusing on what makes you unique and special and worthy of sobriety will help prevent you from comparing yourself to others and will help build the self-confidence you need to cope with the ups and downs of recovery.
  • Something you’re thankful for : Having an “attitude of gratitude” is a surefire way to cultivate a positive mindset. Whether in the form of a gratitude journal or simple letter, write about the people and parts of your life that you appreciate most. Both big and small things count.
  • Making a small change: Every little victory is worth celebrating on the road to recovery, so why not write about them. Did you start exercising regularly? Have you begun meditating or eating more vegetables? Jot down a few of the small changes that you’ve made so far and keep adding to the list.

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