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How to Move Past Fear in Sobriety

Fear is a normal human emotion that has promoted the survival of our species over the millennia. However, excessive fear can hold you back and prevent you from accomplishing all your sobriety goals. Pursuing recovery represents one of the most significant changes you’ll ever make in life, and it can bring many strong emotions with it. Instead of letting the fear win, you can learn healthy ways to respond to it and set it aside when necessary. Here are five examples of how to overcome your fears.

1. Bring Fears Into the Light

The best way to deal with fear is to face it head-on. Trying to sweep your fear under the rug will only increase your anxiety and keep you stuck in the past. Instead of giving up, you can conquer your fear by analyzing what you are afraid of. What worst-case scenario is keeping you up at night? Are you living with a sense of gnawing dread? A qualified therapist can be invaluable to help you work through these kinds of constant fears and teach you realistic ways to handle them.

2. If Something Scares You, Do It Anyway

You’ll quickly realize there are no shortcuts in the recovery journey. Naturally, that realization can make you fear you won’t be up for the challenge. However, in recovery, it’s essential to have a “one-step-at-a-time” mentality. Break large goals into smaller, bite-sized chunks, and you’ll soon feel better about your ability to tackle those realistically. And if you do happen to stumble along the way, evaluate where you went wrong, so you won’t make the same mistake twice.

3. Be Thankful for What You Have

On days when you are struggling to keep your recovery moving forward, take stock of what you’ve accomplished and all the things you’ve done right so far. By re-shifting your focus to what is going well, you will spend less time dwelling on anything that feels scary or intimidating. Practicing an attitude of gratitude will allow you to worry less about whether you can handle the path ahead of you and provide you with a more realistic, centered perspective.

4. Share Your Fears With Your Support Group

As a young child, you were naturally open and honest, and were not embarrassed about sharing how you felt. As you grew older, however, you erected barriers and began losing that childlike sense of trust. The secrecy and isolation that characterize addiction likely caused you to build thicker walls around your heart. Though you may naturally gravitate toward keeping your guard up, a good support group can encourage you to unburden yourself and help you understand that other people have faced similar challenges.

5. Combine Visualization With Your Meditation

Establishing a practice of mindfulness can go a long way toward conquering your fears and anxieties about the future. Try adding a visualization to your daily meditation practice. For example, on your inhale, breathe in positivity, and let go of any negativity on your exhale. As you do so, imagine a future where you have successfully conquered your addiction and are living the happy, fulfilled life you deserve.

Keep Making Progress in a Structured Environment

If you find yourself needing long-term discipline and encouragement to achieve your recovery goals, Segue Recovery Support is here for you. We have designed our sober living facilities to bridge the gap between treatment and living independently, which is often what many people need to find success and prevent a relapse. Contact us anytime to learn more.