Suit Up and Show Up

austin recovery During the 2015 Fourth of July weekend, thousands of sober members of Alcoholics Anonymous headed to Atlanta to participate in the 65th Annual International Convention. I wasn’t there. I wanted to be, of course. In fact I had made hotel and flight arrangements way in advance for this momentous occasion! Tons of friends from all over the world would be in attendance.

And then a couple of months beforehand, looking at my calendar I realized I had an issue…my youngest son has attended Laity Lodge Youth Camp since he was old enough to go! As did his father and aunt before him, it’s a family tradition. It just so happened that the pickup weekend, following two weeks of camp was – you guessed it- the weekend of International.

The Big Book tells us that “a much more important demonstration of our principles lies before us in our respective homes, occupations and affairs.” (Pg. 19)

I wanted to go to the AA Conference. But more importantly, I want to LIVE the principles and the program of recovery. I want to show up for my family, as a mom to my children. So, I cancelled my flight and hotel, and let some friends know I would be absent. Then early on Saturday morning July 4th, I cheerfully hopped in the Jeep Rubicon with my husband and traveled to the Hill Country to pick up our boy.

We had a blast and can’t WAIT for next year! Camp that is…What a gift! #TYG

austin recovery centerMarsha Stone, CEO
BRC Recovery