Step 11

Austin RecoveryI woke up this morning feeling rested after a night of good sleep. My routine is to wake early, fix my coffee, curl up on my couch, pray, meditate and bring my God into my day. This is my favorite time of the day. It is my time for me, alone. My time of pure peace!

Everything was going great until I sat down on the couch…panic set in! How is one person going to get everything done that needs to be done? Especially between the hours of 3:30 and 10pm; 3 schools to pick up from, 2 baseball games, 2 cheerleading workouts (tryouts tomorrow), homework, an appointment, dinner, 4 kids and 1 me. There was not one thing that could be eliminated…so I prayed for RAIN!!! What I forgot to do, because I took over, was to pray and meditate. I had not invited the God of my understanding into my day. My old sponsor’s voice quickly was in my head saying, “Do you want to stay in the problem or get in the solution.” I immediately began my prayer and meditation with intention.

Step 11 is so powerful. The only way to improve my conscious contact with my God is through prayer and meditation. I have to constantly ask God to direct my thinking, for an intuitive thought or decision, to not be selfish or dishonest. The more I focus on the 11th Step the easier my life and the lives of those around me become. It takes practice, effort and time. For the peace I receive it is well worth it! Today it is His will I wish to live by and not my own. Experience has taught me that my will never works out in my best interest.

My day was great, the stress and worry gone. Everything got done and everyone got were they were supposed to be. Thank you God for making my day just how you wanted it to be!

BRC #DreamTeamJoey Hixson
Business Development Specialist/Midwest Region
BRC Business Development Team