Manic Mondays and Such


Manic Monday

Have you ever heard the expression “Manic Monday“? I swear it must have been coined by someone who works in the field of addiction treatment. Sometimes I walk into Monday morning staffing with what seems like “umpteen” issues coming at me like rapid fire. Bam, bam, bam!

Last week Monday seemed to roll into Tuesday which bled into Wednesday. Problems and issues ranging from easily solved to 911, and in no particular order. A resident wants to leave AMA, a family is upset about a development note web portal glitch, an alumni relapsed and is unwilling to reengage in recovery, I have accidentally double booked myself for calendar engagements and will miss my son’s basketball game, my printer won’t print and is on the fritz … the list went on and on.

By Friday night, as I was driving to a business dinner with several out of town guests in town for the BRC Experiential weekend, I found myself tired, overwhelmed and on the verge of tears.  My mind wandered to  Mark Houston and something he said to me a long time ago…”If you’re going to be in this business and make a difference, grow some thick skin because you’re going to take some arrows!” Ugh.

I picked up the phone and called my good friend who had also known Mark well. I told him about my week and about my frustrations, fears, and failings. He listened to me for a few minutes, allowing me to “vent”, and then slowly and calmly said, “So you know you’re doing a great job right? And you know that you’re helping save people’s lives right? And you know that you’re uniquely qualified for the purpose God designed for you?”

Silence. I had no words.

Because as crazy as it sounds, until that moment I had somehow lost sight of that. And until I heard his words pierce my perception (and delusion), I didn’t know I was doing anything good and I forgot all about the fact that this is a life and death errand. I felt a few tears fall and then I just thanked my brother, pulled into my parking spot at the restaurant, dabbed my eyes and went about my night. I was thankfully buoyed.

When I got home that night from dinner, there was a card for me stuck in my front door. It was from my friend I had spoken to on the way to the restaurant, it was reminding me of my inherent value, my worth and my purpose. When I read the card, I was so touched. I have always believed that God shows up “with skin on”, and this evening I knew once again for sure that  this was true. My corvette driving, cowboy boot wearing, dimpled grin smiling, Texan through and through angel had scooped me up and brushed me off to go and fight another day.

Thank you friend and thank you God. I am so grateful that my 2nd Step conception of God provides endless hope for the hopeless,  endless  encouragement for the downtrodden, and endless love for the brokenhearted. And I am so grateful that Friday night just happened to be my turn.

It’s all good, and just another Manic Monday! 🎼🎤

Peace and light all! xoxo

manic-mondays-and-such-_marsha-stoneMarsha Stone, CEO
BRC Recovery