#GivingTuesday: Give Life

As the holiday season approaches, I’ve been thinking about the act of giving and receiving and what it means.  How one thoughtful gift can make an average day extraordinary.  How one donation—big or small—can spark a never-ending ripple effect in the lake of life that can change the course of someone’s life and the lives of countless others.

Yet I quickly lose sight of the spirit of giving amid the twinkling lights, fancy ornaments, stockings, and presents.  I am completely swept away by the hustle and bustle the holiday ushers in.

I forget that two years ago, with a broken rib and a black eye, I was eating Thanksgiving dinner with new family that two short weeks prior were strangers.  I forget I was mending my body, my heart, and my soul.

I forget that this intervention, a trip to a safe-haven, and a possibility at a new beginning was only possible through the generosity of friends, family, and people I’ve never met, giving freely to the Mark Houston Scholarship Fund.  Yes, I quickly lose sight of the impact that occurs from the magnanimity of others.

Then I remember what this season, and every day, is about when a coworker hand delivers a “Thankful” haiku.

I remember my primary purpose: serve God and help others.  I remember that we are in this crazy, beautiful, heartbreaking world of humanity to support one another.

I remember that I can do this job, this life, because of the Mark Houston Scholarship Fund.  I remember that because of the scholarship I received I had the opportunity to recreate my life.  I contribute to the ripple in the lake of life and my ripples are continued through the 230 7th grade students I teach, through the 28+ Woodrow Ladies I guide, through my colleagues I work side by side with, through my journey with friends and family.

I remember that giving is the opportunity to build something bigger than myself and make a difference in a world that is searching for little soul work.

In this season of giving and receiving, I encourage you to pause and reflect on what your contribution to the lake of life can be…what will your ripple be? I invite you to explore the question of “What can I give?”

Vickie B.
MH Scholarship Fund Recipient

About The Mark D. Memorial Scholarship Fund:

Since The Mark D. Houston Memorial Scholarship Fund was founded in October 2011, BRC Recovery has been able to provide drug and alcohol recovery services as well as hope to families who, otherwise, would not have been able to afford it.

Please partner with BRC Recovery today by making your tax deductible donation, and help change someone’s life.