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Why Time Management Helps Your Recovery

time managementTime management is an essential skill for recovery – and it’s about much more than just having time to complete that to-do list. Managing your time allows you to prioritize what matters most to you and your recovery and overall health. Some experts say it should really be called “personal management,” because it helps you be a better you with a better quality of life. There are numerous general health benefits of managing your time, including:

  • Reaching your goals.
  • Improving your relationships.
  • Increasing productivity.
  • Improving your health.
  • Finding stability in life.

Here’s a look at a few more ways that time management can help strengthen your recovery and ensure lasting sobriety.

  • You’ll fill your downtime. Now that you’re in recovery, chances are you’ve got more time on your hands than you did during active addiction. In order to prevent this downtime from turning into boredom, it’s smart to fill it up with healthy hobbies and social obligations. But you must also be careful not to overbook yourself. Time management can help you walk this fine line and make you less stressed and more fulfilled.
  • You’ll get better sleep. Smart time management can actually help you find more hours in the day so you don’t have to skimp on sleep. It will also help to reduce your stress and anxiety, which can both wreak havoc on proper shut-eye.
  • You’ll prevent stress and burnout. Time management is going to help you as you progress along the road of recovery. It will allow you to use your time efficiently and learn how to strike a healthy balance as you juggle the many aspects of your new sober life, including family, friends, work, chores, hobbies, etc.
  • You’ll be more relaxed and positive. Poor time management can lead to negative emotions. For example, when you feel pressed for time, you may feel anxious, irritable, angry or out of control. Managing your time can help give you time to breathe, relax and focus on your recovery.

Sober Living at Segue A big part of sober living is learning to manage your time to best serve your recovery and lasting sobriety – and we can help. To learn more about our addiction treatment services, call today: 833-485-0789.