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Time Management Tips for People in Recovery

time managementManaging your time is an essential skill for everyone – and especially for those in recovery. Simply put, time management can prevent your life from becoming stressful and chaotic and it can help you avoid any unproductive free time where it may be tempting to fall back into bad, addicting habits. Time management is also a great way to regain responsibility and reliability as it will help you to show up and on time for work, school or social commitments. Try these time management tips to help your recovery: Plan your day. Depending on your stage of recovery, you may want to plan your day hour by hour or by activity. You can include everything from when you wake up, eat breakfast and exercise to when you run errands, go to work and shower. You’ll also want to manage your free time. Your free time should support your recovery and new healthy sober life. This means doing something productive that you enjoy like writing in a journal, going for a brisk walk or visiting friends. Make a schedule – and prioritize. A daily to-do list can help you manage your day and prioritize important recovery tasks – and this can ensure that you make smart, sober choices each day. Prioritizing your daily tasks will also prevent you from taking on too much at one time. Use a calendar and set reminders. Both digital and paper calendars are perfect time management tools. Writing down things on a paper calendar can make a bigger mental impression but digital calendars often allow you to set reminders. Test them out and see which one works for you – or use them both. Life Skills at Spearhead Lodge We provide training in goal setting and accountability, personal finance, physical health and wellness, and relationship sanity to help residents successfully reintegrate into their communities after treatment. For more information about our Life Skills Curriculum, call today: 888-483-0528.