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The BRC Farmhouse: A Celebration of the Journey Out of Addiction

One of the first sights a resident of BRC Recovery encounters in Manor, TX is the modest farmhouse that serves as a hub for the directors and admissions staff. By stature and location, it belies the momentous journey that many will take from the wooden porch onto a life of freedom. This is the very farmhouse that housed the office of founder, Mark Houston, who saw his vision of a no-nonsense recovery center come to life, and a starting point for those who suffered from addiction to get busy getting better. The farmhouse has come to mean much more than a rustic structure in a field, which is why this holiday season, we are happy to dress her up in lights and wreaths, as a celebration of the life-affirming journey out of addiction. Out of darkness, into light. About the Author: Nina James is a writer and web content editor based in Bel Air, Maryland. She is also a grateful, former resident of BRC Recovery.