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Surprising Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

quitting alcohol Making the decision to stop drinking is perhaps the best thing you can do for your body and mind. If you or someone you love is struggling with an alcohol use disorder, it won’t be an easy step – but the sooner you quit, the better your chances of regaining good health. Some pretty amazing things happen to your body, mind, spirit and life after quitting alcohol – here we look at a few. You’ll improve your overall health: Long-term or chronic, heavy drinking can take a toll on your body and your brain and cause an increased risk of the following:

  • Digestive problems
  • Cancer
  • Heart and cardiovascular issues
  • Stroke
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Liver problems, including cirrhosis
  • Dementia and other degenerative disorders

By quitting drinking, you can begin to reverse or lower your risk of many of these above conditions. You’ll sleep more soundly: Drinking has been study-proven to disrupt sleep patterns, so now that you’re alcohol-free, you should notice better quality sleep. Although you might toss and turn at first, the sleep you get will be more restorative, leaving you feeling refreshed and focused the next day. Your skin will clear up: Alcohol dehydrates your skin and can cause dry-looking skin. Within a few days of quitting alcohol, ruddiness in your cheeks and around your nose may begin to fade, and other skin conditions like dandruff, eczema or rosacea may also improve. You’ll gain a sense of freedom: Perhaps the best part of recovery from an alcohol use disorder is the sense of freedom you regain as you begin to heal. Alcohol no longer controls your life – you do! And this freedom gives you the power to repair relationships as well as any self-respect lost along the way. You’ll find fun and passion: When you stop drinking and stop being caught in the cycle of drinking and hangovers, you have more time and energy to live your life. This means you’ll be able to rediscover sober fun and redefine what makes you feel happy and fulfilled. A New Life Without Alcohol At Spearhead Lodge, we strive to give our clients the life skills and spiritual practices necessary to enjoy a life free from drugs and alcohol. To learn more about the many ways recovery can benefit you or someone you love, call us today: 888-483-0528.