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Makana Path Opens New State-of-the-Art Facility

The need for quality addiction and mental health treatment in the Austin area is great. When Makana Path opened in 2018, the available spots filled quickly with people who truly wanted to heal. The staff at Makana soon realized they would need to expand to be able to help more people. Recently, the leadership team at Makana Path announced that they have just opened a new state-of-the-art facility with exciting new features and double the capacity.

Putting It All Together

Marsha Stone, BRC Healthcare Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, spoke about the facility expansion in Makana Path’s Remote Open House, posted as a video to provide a virtual look at the new center. Stone spoke with Joe Roller, Makana Executive Director, and Mandy Baker, Chief Clinical Officer, about the center’s history and its path forward.

When the center was in the planning stages, the leadership team at BRC Healthcare recognized that there were two main areas of concern for those seeking treatment: unprocessed trauma and attachment or relationship disorders. They realized that by adding a shorter, more intensive program to the BRC offerings, they could distinguish their program. There were others that were doing these things in pieces, but no one had put it all together yet.

The planning and the treatment program have paid off. Baker points out that a recent data analysis conducted by a third party research scientist found that a four-week stay at Makana exceeded the effectiveness of fifty other programs that Makana uses as a benchmark for its work.

New, Expanded Facility

Originally built with a capacity for 20 people, the new state-of-the-art facility at Makana Path now has 16 medical detox beds and 32 residential beds for the 21-day intensive healing program. The treatment center is located on three acres and includes male and female bunk houses, in addition to a large administration building. The center now features a top of the line kitchen facility and 10 offices for therapists.

There is also a new gym space. While the program has focused on fitness since the beginning, the new space will enable the staff to expand on that emphasis. The team at Makana works with clients on their mind, their body, their spirit, and their health, and now the whole package will be so much better, says Roller. The expanded facility will be a great asset in helping clients grow and heal.

Trauma and Addiction

A strong link has been found between exposure to traumatic events and substance use issues. In fact, many people find that they are locked in a vicious cycle. Their trauma leads to alcohol and drug use and that, in turn, produces new traumatic experiences, which will then worsen the substance use.

As many as 50% of adults with both alcohol use disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) also have one or more other serious psychological or physical problems. For example, traumatized people who also abuse substances are often troubled by anxiety disorders, mood disorders, disruptive behavior disorders, and multiple addictive behaviors such as alcohol abuse, use of illicit drugs, and abuse of prescribed medication.

A Blueprint for Moving Forward

In launching Makana Path originally, the focus was on wanting to change the way people view themselves and how they view the world, often the underlying issue when dealing with trauma. When they go through the intensive healing program, the way they view themselves is completely shifted. Roller adds that it’s not about the trauma, but about the narrative. It’s about the choices people have made.

In helping people to identify, recognize, and reshape their core beliefs, it is possible to help them shift their views. Everybody walks out of the Makana Path program with a blueprint of how to work through trauma, attachment issues, and relationship issues. They are given everything they need to do that moving forward.

A Gift

Stone explains that Makana is the Hawaiian word for gift. She adds, “we know that life is a gift” and that everyone at the center is grateful to be able to celebrate the new state-of-the art facility with friends, clients, and the team that is “on the ground each and every day.”

Makana Path, part of the BRC Healthcare family, is a one-of-a-kind medical detox and intensive healing program. The center offers an Intensive Healing Program with a 3-week and a 6-week option. Those clients who have completed detox can transition into the program immediately. It is also available to clients who do not require a separate detoxification.

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You are not alone. You can get help for your mental health and addiction. Makana Path’s intensive healing approach will help you regain control over your life. We understand the challenges of staying at home and social distancing during COVID-19 and remain open to provide the help you need during these challenging times. To learn how to get the help you need, contact Makana Path today by calling 1-866-313-0978.