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Ideas for Enjoying a Sober Winter Break

Students all around the country are looking forward to the end of the semester and the chance to take time off from their studies for a little bit. After the stress of final exams and papers, the opportunity to catch up with friends and family members and enjoy a “long winter’s nap” may be calling your name. However, if you’re also trying to protect your sobriety, having so much extra time on your hands could be a dangerous temptation. Here are some ideas to try that can keep you busy and substance-free this winter.

1. Go Ice Skating

Hitting the rink – especially an outdoor one – is a classic winter idea. Grab some good friends, lace up a pair of rental skates and head out there. Unless you learned to ice skate at a young age, you probably will be a little wobbly at first, and that’s OK. Falling and getting back up is all part of the fun. It’s a great opportunity to laugh at yourself and demonstrate your newfound resilience.

2. Get Your Holiday Shopping Done

If other responsibilities have caused you to procrastinate on your holiday shopping, there’s no time like the present to make up for it. Make your list, check it twice and get gifts for everyone – whether naughty or nice.

3. Volunteer in the Community

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of giving back to people less fortunate than you, especially around the holiday season. Whether you choose to sign up for a shift at the local homeless shelter, donate toys to a toy drive or deliver hot meals to people who are homebound, there are countless ways to make a difference in various nonprofit causes. Use your creativity to get motivated.

4. Take a Class

Have you always wanted to learn something new, outside what you’re studying in school? Whether you’d like to hone your cooking skills, learn to code or try your hand at woodworking, odds are good you can find a course either online or in person.

5. Attend a New Support Group

You’re probably already attending support group meetings regularly, but winter break is a perfect opportunity to mix things up and try a change of pace. Finding a different support group can help give you the opportunity to share your story with people who can hear it with fresh ears. You can also try a new style of support group. For example, if you usually attend a faith-based group, you might see how a few secular sessions work for you, or vice versa. Or, if you typically rely on online support, experiment with a few in-person meetings. You might be surprised how your perspective changes.

Learning How to Have Fun in Recovery

Staying active is essential for recovering addicts to bust through boredom and achieve long-term success in sobriety. If you are looking for a comprehensive program that addresses all facets of your health and well-being in a men’s-only setting, contact us at Spearhead Lodge today.