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Gratitude in Early Addiction Recovery

gratitude in early recoveryWhat are you grateful for today? There’s so many possible answers: To be alive, to be sober, to have your family talking to you, to see the sun shining, to feel the grass on your feet, to have the chance at a better life.

Having an “attitude of gratitude” can be a pretty powerful tool in early recovery and beyond. While it will likely take some work – it requires adjusting your mindset and thought patterns – learning to be grateful can have some big benefits as you begin the road to recovery.

Gratitude can help you to…

  1. Stay motivated to work the program.
  2. Avoid taking your sobriety for granted. This, in turn, can ensure your sobriety remains something worth fighting for.
  3. Focus on the present and not dwell on the past or future.
  4. Have more patience with yourself and others.
  5. Better handle stress.

Overall, being grateful can help strengthen your mind and body as it heals from the damage of addiction. People who are grateful have been shown to have…

  1. Improved self-care habits, including better sleep
  2. Higher self-esteem
  3. Fewer toxic emotions
  4. Greater willpower
  5. Less anxiety

It’s OK if you don’t automatically have an “attitude of gratitude,” most people in early recovery don’t. The good news: You can practice so it becomes part of your daily recovery to-dos. Start with a few simple steps:

  1. Start a “gratitude” journal. Each day, write three things for which you are thankful and three people to whom you are grateful.
  2. Perform a daily act of kindness. Both big and small gestures count, whether you compliment a friend or volunteering at a local charity.
  3. Take a nature walk. Hone in on your senses and let the surrounding beauty evoke awe and gratitude.
  4. Mediate. Take some quiet time and give thanks to your Higher Power, whatever that Higher Power may be, and the miracle of sobriety.

We Are Grateful for the Chance to Help You At BRC Recovery, we’ll equip you with the recovery skills needed to empower you to recreate and reclaim your life. For more information about our addiction treatment programs, call a BRC Recovery Admissions Specialist today: 866-461-1759.