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5 Ways Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment Improves Recovery

People at gender-specific addiction treatment in Texas

What are the benefits of gender-specific addiction treatment? There are many advantages gained in receiving gender-specific addiction treatment, as opposed to seeking a one-size-fits-all approach. At BRC Healthcare, we offer both women’s and men’s rehab programs, recognizing that each gender may have different experiences and needs when it comes to substance abuse recovery. Contact our team online or call to learn more about our gender-specific substance abuse treatment options in Austin, Texas.

5 Benefits of Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment

Men and women can be driven to addiction through similar circumstances, but both groups experience addiction and recovery differently. As such, it’s beneficial for treatment to be customized to suit the unique needs of men and women. Gender-specific addiction treatment can offer a more tailored approach to recovery, leading to better outcomes for both men and women.

1. It removes expectations.

Recovery requires vulnerability. Many men and women find it easier to be vulnerable and speak candidly about the issues they face while in the presence of members of the same gender. When men are with men and women are with women, there is no need to put on a facade to cover up your feelings.

2. It fosters open, honest discussions.

Frank discussions about life’s highs and lows help men and women understand that they are not alone in their experiences. It reduces judgment and shame and leads to more compassion and understanding.

People can’t help but feel comfortable around people similar to them. Feeling comfortable and safe is critical to recovery since true healing requires you to be vulnerable, confront your past, and share your experiences.

3. It reduces romantic distractions.

The primary benefit of addiction treatment is that it allows people to focus wholly on getting well. But when both genders are present, the opportunity for romantic distractions arises. Although a romantic relationship might be a pleasant distraction from what you’re going through, it ultimately takes your focus off what matters: your recovery.

When men are with men and women are with women, it reduces the need to keep up appearances or feel like you have to impress the opposite sex. For many people, gender-specific addiction treatment offers one less distraction so clients can focus all of their time and energy on healing.

4. It focuses on gender-specific issues.

Both men and women face pressures related to family, work, relationships, and self-esteem, but those pressures differ. In gender-specific addiction treatment, clients are surrounded by people who know from personal experience what it’s like to experience addiction as a man or woman while dealing with the societal and cultural pressures of their gender. Additionally, clients can focus on one gender’s experience instead of bouncing back and forth.

5. It facilitates bonding.

At BRC Healthcare, for example, residents participate in a range of relationship-building outings and activities, including:

  • Hiking
  • Group fitness classes
  • Group meditation
  • Bonfires and barbecues

In gender-specific treatment, men and women can bond over shared experiences and have the opportunity to connect over new ones. A strong peer network is critical to maintaining sobriety and preventing relapse, so gender-specific treatment often incorporates activities that strengthen such vital connections outside of the traditional group therapy setting.

Find Gender-Specific Substance Abuse Treatment in Texas at BRC Healthcare

Many men and women who are struggling with substance abuse benefit from BRC Healthcare’s gender-specific environment and unique culture because it enables them to focus entirely on recovery. For more information about our gender-specific recovery services, contact us online or call to speak with someone from our knowledgeable and experienced team in Texas. We’re here to help you on your recovery journey toward a healthy and fulfilling life.