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Why We Expanded Segue and Sober Living

Segue Aftercare and Supportive Living has expanded! Initially open only to alumni of BRC Recovery and Spearhead Lodge, Segue has decided to open its services to all populations seeking recovery from addiction and alcoholism. We realized that many graduates from other programs desire the comprehensive level of care offered by Segue. First, the history. In 2011, The Segue Program™ was formally launched to continue the 12-month monitoring program that had been originally pioneered by Mark Houston and had proven so successful at improving outcomes post-discharge. BRC owned and operated sober living homes were a vital part of the Segue continuum of care. That same year, BRC launched two gender specific apartment communities to provide independent, graduate style sober living. This apartment style sober living was the first in the region, and proved to be very successful in supporting residents in early recovery. When the Department of State Health Services first launched the Peer Recovery Support Specialist (PRS) certification, Segue was one of the first organizations to certify all of their recovery coaches. Today, Segue provides comprehensive aftercare services. One of the only sober living and monitoring providers to be accredited by the Joint Commission, Segue continues to be on the cutting edge of recovery support services and housing. Segue has mentored more than 1000 clients since 2011. Segue currently operates five sober living homes and two apartment complexes for a total of 100 beds, spanning all levels of care from High Accountability Sober Living to Graduate Style Apartments. Our team consists of amazing and dedicated individuals who delight in helping individuals transition from treatment to independence. In their own words, here’s what they have to say about Segue and its expansion… “BRC Recovery has made the decision to expand the Segue and Sober Living Programs so that more men and women can experience the unique and distinguished culture that is BRC Recovery. Our hope is to provide a wider audience with the tools of recovery, all while holding them accountable to the guiding principles behind the 12 Steps in a safe environment. I am extremely grateful to be a part of this new phase of development within the BRC Aftercare Program. These are exciting times that include not only the clients, but the families as well. To watch their loved ones recover has become a bright spot of my life.” – Mike Kerr “BRC Recovery’s decision to expand the Segue and Sober Living Programs reminds me of the passage in the Big Book, “…the Realm of Spirit is broad, roomy, all inclusive; never exclusive or forbidding to those who earnestly seek. It is open, we believe, to all men.”  How exciting for the company to cast a wider net to help men and women recover from alcohol and substance abuse and establish a firm footing on the path of recovery. I am honored to be a part of this movement as the Woodrow House Manager.  Working alongside women just like me, guiding them on their journey, and growing together often makes my heart explode with gratitude.  I could not think of a better way to give back to the company and to the people that saved my life and taught me a better way to live.” – Vickie Bing “The growth in Segue and Sober Living is an exciting opportunity to expand the fellowship and offer this new way of living to more people who are interested. It has allowed people in Austin to have a safe environment to learn how to live life on new terms and be surrounded by like-minded people. I am grateful to be a part of this expanding opportunity to share a positive way of living with anyone who is willing and able to do so. ” – Justin Yoken “We expanded Segue and Sober Living because of the high volume of people in early recovery, so that we can continue to increase our ability to help more people through this process. I’m excited about the growth because it allows for more people to be able to experience a new way of life. I’m very grateful to be a part of the growth and to be able to see miracles happen on a regular basis.”    – Leigh Vines “Being the men’s sober apartment manager gives me the opportunity to see God’s hand in real time.  By the time these men get to the apartments they are armed with the facts about themselves and they have the tools of recovery at their disposal.  Sometimes they choose to use them and sometimes they forget that they do have a spiritual toolkit.  I am grateful that I get to steer these men on the path to recovery by reminding them of what they learned at BRC, Spearhead Lodge or another treatment provider. ” – David Hutts “I am so grateful, and excited to be part of the Segue Program for women coming out of inpatient treatment, and to be part of their growth going forward. To see them re-enter into society and provide a safe, structured, sober living home for them to be able to do that is exciting and an honor.  To be able to see them grow and change, become confident and continue their program of recovery is an honor and I am truly grateful to be a part of this most critical time in their lives.” – Shannon Brannon “One of the most unique aspects of care at BRC is the way we tackle aftercare; it is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I am excited to be a part of the Segue team as we expand and provide a wider array of support simply because of the impact it had on my own life. I am immensely grateful for the encouragement I received as a client and having the opportunity to do so for others brings me immense joy. Ultimately my greatest gift in recovery has been the ability to use my experience as an asset and I will continue to do this as a member of the Segue team.” – James Young “I’m excited for the growth in Segue and Sober Living because it provides a broader range of people who are wanting to get well the opportunity to do so. A community of men and women in recovery that one can lean on and a safe environment that one can thrive in is abundantly helpful to those trying to live by a new set of spiritual principles. I’m grateful that I get to be a part of these changes and that I get to watch the process of those who once thought they were hopeless, live a successful life in recovery.” – Ashley Beasley Having been a House Manager and a Peer Recovery Support Specialist (PRS) for some years, I know from firsthand experience what makes a sober home “click.”  Combining a safe and structured environment with the on-site care and supervision of Certified Segue PRS gives each resident the very best chance for recovery.  For me, I’m most excited about working with men and women from a variety of treatment centers and being able to introduce them to a path of recovery that I know works. The importance of living in a clean and safe environment, surrounded by others who are supportive of your goals for recovery cannot be underestimated.” – Douglas Hauck I am excited with the new expansion because it allows more people to be helped, that would normally not be able to have the same wonderful opportunity I had right out of treatment. It was such a vital and integral part of my early sobriety, and I am pleased that we can offer that to an ever-growing population of solid recovery, not only here in Austin but nationwide. With our various models of Segue and Sober Living, we can customize a level of sober support for all budget types and families now. From what I have seen, we are setting a new standard of care in America and paving the way for others to eventually follow our model for long term sobriety. With the addition of the phenomenal workbooks and the new Segue app, we have a base model that can work anywhere!” – Gerard Berens “I personally am very excited for the growth and transformation of our Sober Living and Segue Programs. Not only do we get to assist and grow with those building a new way of life in recovery, but we have a chance to help more addicts and alcoholics find a design for living that works. The more support in which we can offer to someone in early recovery, the better the chance they have for success. The simplicity of it is this: if we can help more people, more people can be helped in the ripple effect of positive change.” – Chris Spencer “The customer service and care at BRC is unparalleled to anywhere I have ever been. Not everyone is lucky enough to make it to BRC for residential treatment, but expanding the Segue and Sober Living services gives others the opportunity to get to be a part of the BRC umbrella at the most pivotal point in their transition; from primary care to acclimating back into the real world. It’s a crucial time, and I love that we get to expand our reach a little further to help those afflicted with this disease.” – Timber Rutland “The expansion of the Segue and Sober Living Programs offer a wider group of people the chance to experience sober living or support services that are high accountability, fun and who obviously care about their clients. I know in my personal experience there were times early on when I was really struggling and having a solid group of guys and the Segue Team around gave me people who could talk to me and send me in the right direction. My time in sober living was some of the most fun I’ve had in my life, to see the range of people, who can be a part of that experience grow is a great thing that I am grateful to be a part of.” – Ryan Bachus The Segue Program is a holistic approach to aftercare. Our Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists (PRS) are assigned to an individual for 12 months. During this time, we provide recovery coaching, case management, monitoring, family engagement, and accountability for both the client and their family. The Segue PRS is a guide to assist the client during the often treacherous first year of sobriety. Segue PRS are trained to understand relapse behaviors long before physical substance use takes place. Through family engagement and recovery coaching, Segue can help identify when relapse behaviors are present and intervene before a physical relapse happens. Segue also provides a vital role of helping a family to rebuild trust with their loved one. If you or someone you know needs help with the transition process, please allow us to assist you on the road to freedom and happiness. Recovery is possible, Segue is practical! Call us at 833-485-0789.