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Enjoying a Sober Super Bowl

Whether you’re a diehard NFL fan or someone who only watches the big game for the commercials and the halftime show, you’re probably one of the millions of Americans excited about tuning in to the big game this weekend. However, as a person working on your recovery, you might feel like the Super Bowl is a temptation you’re better off avoiding. The good news is that you can have fun and watch the Super Bowl without drinking if you take time to make a game plan first. Here’s how.

Bring a Sober Supporter Along

Whether it’s a friend you met in a recovery group, or your sponsor, invite someone who understands and fully supports your sobriety goals. The “buddy system” is an excellent way to handle a Super Bowl party or any other social gathering when you’re protecting your sobriety. A friend can encourage you not to drink and help you safeguard your boundaries. Plus, you can be sure that you aren’t the only person at the party abstaining from alcohol.

Offer to Help

If you’re worried that other partygoers’ behavior will become too much of a temptation for you, find the party’s host and ask how you can help. Tasks such as setting up the appetizer table will help serve as a distraction by occupying your mind and hands.

Plan How to Say No

Depending on the size of the gathering, there could be people at a Super Bowl party who don’t know you’re in recovery. You should have a set response ready to go if someone offers you a drink. Be polite, but firm. Something as straightforward as, “No thanks, I don’t drink,” is perfectly acceptable – you don’t have to tell people you’re in recovery unless you’re comfortable doing so.

Map out an Exit Strategy

It’s also essential to know how you’ll excuse yourself if the party starts getting rowdy and you find yourself on shaky ground. It’s a smart idea to drive yourself; make sure no other cars are blocking you in, so you can leave whenever you need to. You might even ask your therapist or recovery sponsor if it’s OK to call them if you’re feeling triggered and need to talk it out with someone.

Be the Host

Possibly the best way to protect your sobriety at a Super Bowl party is to throw your own. That way, you can control all the variables, from the guest list to the menu. Though the game’s this Sunday, it’s not too late to put together an informal gathering. Buy some premade dips and finger foods, or get crafty in the kitchen with some healthy homemade appetizers. When you invite people, make sure to specify that your Super Bowl viewing party will be substance-free. That way, there’s no assumption that your get-together will be the typical boozy affair.

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