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Dust Settles, We Don’t!

A Letter from Our Founder

I find myself sitting on a plane headed back to Austin, having just completed my first work trip of 2020. It feels strange to even type that in that we have officially entered Fall. But, as I look around the cabin, not a single face is exposed, and not a single beverage or pack of pretzels has been served. Strange would actually be an understatement to describe this year. Between Covid-19, political upheaval, racial tension and everything in between, this is the year of the unexpected and unpredicted.

When things are strange, when the world seems to pause and shift, when the reliable suddenly seems unreliable… what happens to people? Do they pivot and adjust? Quiver and crumble? Panic and run? Shortcut principles based on fear?  And, on an even more personal level… what happens to me? What happens to you?

I have had some time these past few months (being literally grounded in Austin) to take a deeper look at myself, and at the organization and folks I work with day in and day out. While there was certainly fear of the unknown early on in the pandemic announcement; by and large, we, as an organization fell squarely into the pivot and adjust category. I have been absolutely amazed at the resourcefulness and rootedness of the team I am so grateful to call my BRC Family.

I am reminded of the lyrics to an old country music song from my youth. You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything… you’ve got to be your own man, not a puppet on a string!

When you are firmly rooted in purpose, passion, clarity and integrity the foundation is firmly in place. You stand metaphorically in the middle of a forest of greats, surrounded by strength of character that has stood the test of time. While the winds of adversity and “strangeness” may come, eventually, they die down, and the dust settles. And when it does, where will you be? Proud of the principles you practiced? Or regretting the shortcuts you took?

I am surrounded daily by men and women who are greats… rooted by steadfastness and grace, and ready, willing and able to shake it off…

I have never been more proud and grateful to say… Dust settles, we don’t!

Hang in there everyone! This too shall pass! xoxo

Love and light,

Marsha Stone