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Continuing Mark Houston’s legacy at BRC

The following is a brief history of how Mark Houston Recovery/BRC Recovery was started, how Mark Houston came up with the idea to create this recovery center, and how Mark’s vision continues today.

About Mark Houston, Founder of Mark Houston Recovery

About Mark Houston (10.14.1946 – 2.19.2010) Mark D. Houston was more than just a leader and innovator in the field of chemical dependency; he was also someone who had first-hand experience and knew what it was like to struggle with sobriety.  An alcoholic for many years of his life, it was only through his personal struggles with drug and alcohol addiction that Mark was able to uncover the realization that permanent sobriety was not only attainable; it could be life-changing. Feeling compelled to share his journey to sobriety with others, in July of 2006, Mark founded the Mark Houston Recovery Center (for Men) just outside of Austin, Texas. Mark’s goal in opening the Men’s Center was to provide a safe and secure environment in which he could lead adult men out of the debilitating grip of drug and alcohol addiction, and into lives of permanent sobriety and abundance. Soon realizing that there was a similar need for women, in October of 2009, Mark opened the doors to The Mark Houston Recovery Center for Women, just outside of Austin, TX.

Carrying on Mark Houston’s Vision Under a New Name- BRC Recovery

After founder, Mark Houston’s passing, Mark Houston Recovery Center changed names to BRC Recovery (BRC). Today, BRC Recovery continues Mark Houston’s vision to help countless drug and alcohol addicts (both men and women) reclaim their lives from addiction.  With countless years of experience working in the field of chemical dependency, the BRC team is dedicated to helping others achieve a life of permanent sobriety, inner peace, and abundance. BRC staff members also hold Mark Houston’s belief that there is a Way of Life as well a set of spiritual disciplines and practices that we can learn, assimilate and begin to practice. It is these spiritual disciplines and practices that will revolutionize our lives and help us to become sane, content and productive citizens.

Learning how to live a life of permanent sobriety

Whether you have completed treatment at a residential treatment center program or have never been to a drug and alcohol rehab program before, our gender specific male-only and female-only residential recovery programs serve as the next forward step. If you‘re ready to learn how to live a sober, responsible, committed life full of promise and fun, we’re here to help you. The following are just some of the features of BRC Recovery:

  • Separate Facilities for Men & Women
  • Permanent Sobriety for Chronic Relapsers
  • Staff in Recovery – Staff Behind Vision
  • Personal Trainers & Yoga Instructors
  • 90 Day Programs
  • 12 Steps – Spiritual Experience
  • Dynamic Alumni Services
  • Goal Setting, Vision and Intent

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